What We’re Obsessing Over: Semester-End Stress Busters

As the semester winds down to a close, we tend to forget self-care while final exams and papers loom over our shoulders. All-nighters and caffeine overload become the norm while we frantically try to complete extra credit assignments, papers and studying for exams. Our picks this week will take some of the weight off your shoulders and remind you to spend some time on you in between study sessions.

1. “Dope” - Sara Gomez, Graphic Designer

“I just spent my morning watching the movie "Dope" on Netflix. It's a crime comedy-drama about the life of a young teen, Malcolm, growing up in a crime-filled California neighborhood known as The Bottoms. Malcolm simultaneously breaks the stereotype that surrounds an African-American teen growing up in that environment by excelling in school and leading a healthy lifestyle free of drugs, but also falls victim to the system when he involuntarily gets involved with a group of drug dealers and the beautiful girls they bring around. The movie explores the concept of a slippery slope in society and shows how the system really is set up against people of color in our world and how they continue to muster up the courage to fight the good fight. "Dope" is both eye-opening and inspiring, and overall offers an educational and interesting look into the lives of young African-Americans. Featuring Zoe Kravitz, Blake Anderson, A$AP Rocky, Chanel Iman and Tyga, the star-studded film also boasts a pretty "dope" (pun intended) soundtrack, which is reason enough to give it a few hours of your time.”

2. Beats by Dr. Dre - Sasha Polissky, Public Relations and Event Planning Director

 “With four online classes this semester, I have to constantly make time to watch online lectures and study. Beats headphones by Dr. Dre help me with just that by blocking out any noise to ensure that I am always focused, no matter the location. I have the Studio Wired OverEar Headphones in white! Not only are they are super comfortable, but they are perfect for the times I simply need to shut out the outside world.”

3. Notty Notes - Trinity Lakin, Public Relations and Event Planning Director

“At this point in the semester, I find it particularly hard to balance my academics, social life and student organizations. Notty Notes is an extension available for Google Chrome that allows you to make an entire page of sticky notes where you can title each one for classes, clubs, to-do, grocery lists, meal planning, cleaning lists and anything else you need to keep track of. I have it set so that as soon as I open Chrome, my Notty Notes page comes up and I can see what I still have to do for the coming weeks until the semester ends. It definitely deters you from procrastinating watching Tasty videos on Facebook for hours.”

4. Google Photos App - Felicity Warner, Managing Editor

“This app a life saver in saving all your photos on the cloud and finally getting that pesky “Storage Full” notification to leave you alone. I also found out that the app allows you to create your own gif videos that you can upload on to any social media. Basically, this means that any live photo you take on your iPhone (also known as those cute candids that can be played back only in your photos) can be turned in to a gif and conveniently put on to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what have you. You can thank me now for all the Insta likes that will be flooding your way.”