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Which Taylor Swift Album You Are Based on Your Favorite Finals Study Spot at FSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

There are many places across FSU’s campus that students can utilize this finals season. Today I’ll be telling you what Taylor Swift album I think you are based on your favorite finals study spot! Are you “ready for it?” 

Landis Green: Taylor Swift

Landis Green is fun, iconic, and classic, just like Taylor Swift’s debut album. While studying on Landis Green, students can enjoy the fresh air and lounge by the fountain, on blankets, or in hammocks, which are all very Taylor Swift-coded.  

Dirac Science Library: Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Those who brave the busy Dirac Science Library during finals week are truly Fearless. Dirac is a popular study spot and filled with academic weapons, usually STEM students because it’s located near the math and science buildings.  

Dirac is popular for STEM majors but is open to every FSU student and always busy (especially during finals). Dirac Science Library will “Forever and Always” be a fan-favorite and classic, just like Fearless.  

The Innovation Hub: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

If you study at the Innovation Hub, I see you as a model of success and someone willing to “drop everything now” and head to The Hub to study. This study spot is home to innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology courses. The students who frequent this spot let their “Sparks Fly!” 

The Sweet Shop: Red (Taylor’s Version)

I feel like this one is a no-brainer. The Sweet Shop just radiates all the Red vibes. Red reminds me of cool autumn days and coffee shops, and those who love to study at The Sweet Shop give off the same energy.  

If you’re a Red girl, you can live out your “on a Wednesday, in a café” dreams at The Sweet Shop while you drink your coffee and wear your red scarf. This study spot is the perfect place to bring your homework and “Stay Stay Stay” all day! 

1851:1989 (Taylor’s Version)

1989 is a fun and upbeat album that radiates “summer in NYC” vibes and the feeling of moving to a new place where anything is possible. Like 1989, 1851 is chic and cool. If you love to study here, you probably love its versatility and aesthetic.  

At 1851, you can sit outside, soak in the sounds of the bustling campus, and pretend to be in Central Park. You can also sit inside, underneath the dimly lit lights, and pretend to be in a New York City cafe. At 1851, you can live out your “Wildest Dreams!” 

Strozier Library: Reputation

Strozier Library has a “big reputation,” and just like this iconic album, it’s extremely popular among students. It may be difficult to find an open seat at Strozier during finals season, but for many people, this study spot is their “Endgame.” “Don’t Blame Me,” but Strozier is one of my favorite places to do homework. This finals season, I’ll be making my way over there along with hundreds of other students. 

The Student Union: Lover 

Lover can only be labeled as an upbeat spot like the Student Union. This study spot was recently renovated and reopened in September 2022. It’s just as fun as Lover! The Union has many food options, a bowling alley, and a Paint-a-Pot center as well.  

There are many spots across the Union where students can sit down and study. I personally love sitting on the second floor and listening to other students play the piano! If “You Need to Calm Down” and take a break from studying, you can participate in fun activities throughout the Union or grab a bite to eat.  

William Johnston Building: Folklore

Just like Folklore, the William Johnston Building (WJB) is subtle but enticing and the perfect study spot for students who radiate “this is me trying” energy. The WJB is full of academic resources and tutoring options, but I somehow rarely hear other students talking about heading to this spot. It may bring you “peace” to seek out the WJB this finals season for all the best resources!  

Dodd Hall: Evermore

Dodd Hall is a beautiful and serene location to study at, although it’s sometimes forgotten about in favor of more popular locations like Strozier. All Swifties know the joke about Evermore being the album that Swift forgets about, so labeling Dodd Hall as Evermore just makes sense.  

The Heritage Museum at Dodd Hall has beautiful stained glass windows and tables for students to sit at. Dodd Hall may only be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but if you can “tolerate it,” it’s perfect for studying. Just like Evermore, this study spot is a hidden gem. 

Your Dorm Room or Apartment: Midnights

For those who have sleepless nights, like Swift when she wrote Midnights, opting to study in your dorm room, apartment, or bedroom is a perfect choice. Unlike most places, you can study in the comfort of your home 24/7. For those who would rather study at night than during the day, choosing to prepare for your finals at home makes you a “Mastermind!” 

Overall, there are many great study spots on FSU’s campus to help you prepare for your finals this semester. While you study, you can stream Swift’s next album, The Tortured Poets Department, which will be released on April 19. Happy studying, everyone! Go crush those finals! 

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Abigail Botsford is a freshman at FSU majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media with a minor in Communication. This is her second semester in Her Campus and she is on Media Staff. Outside of Her Campus, Abigail is involved in the honors program, Best Buddies, and FSU's Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter. In her free time, Abigail enjoys going to the beach, reading, and spending time with friends.