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What Spring Break Drink Are You Based on Your Major?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Spring Break has finally arrived! In the spirit of celebration, I’ve decided to pick out the best-suited drink for you based on your major. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think the answers are pretty accurate…and if not? Hmm, maybe you need to switch your area of study right now. Either way, sit back, grab a drink and let’s get to it.

Business ~ Vodka Soda Lime 

Keriss101 / Spoon

Business majors, you guys are a classic. But let’s face it, you’re pretty common. That doesn’t make you any less good, it’s just that chances are we’re gonna guess your major correctly, just like we’re gonna guess your drink order before you even ask.

English ~ Mimosa


English majors are probably the biggest fans of brunch out there. Your favorite thing about Sundays is mixing bubbly with a splash of orange juice and posting it on your story with #Brunch and a bunch of cute sticker graphics. Don’t hate it, embrace it.

Engineering ~ Y-bombs  

You guys are intense. You probably drink this instead of pre-workout and crush through your entire exercise routine or the seven hours of homework that you are going to do all night. I respect your hustle. 

Nursing ~ Strawberry Daiquiri

Something about nursing majors just screams strawberry daiquiri. You guys want to go out and have fun but also be able to make it to your eight a.m. You’re sweet with a little bit of a kick. You’ve also probably wanted to be a nurse since you were in middle school back when you still ordered daiquiris, but back then they were virgins.

Psychology ~ Margarita

Despite the common belief that all of you are sensitive crybabies, most of you are actually quite aware of yourselves and others. Which probably means you can hold your tequila. Go ahead and drink that marg, just try not to psychoanalyze anyone at the bar.

Finance ~ Rum and Coke

Another classic. Lots of you likely picked finance because A) you’re good at math or B) you want to eventually earn enough to enjoy the finer things in life. Don’t we all? You guys take yourselves seriously, sometimes a little too seriously. So, have a drink this break and try to loosen up!

Biology ~ Twisted Tea

This is the perfect drink for a bio major. You guys appreciate the great outdoors, and nothing is better for a beach or boat day than a “Twea.” The mitochondria might be the powerhouse of the cell, but you run on a nice cold spiked tea on a sunny day.

Poly Sci ~ Irish Coffee

person pouring coffee
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Y’all have so much energy already I’m hesitant to even suggest this. However, nothing can stop you from drinking five cups of coffee every day, so you might as well tweak your recipe for this spring break and add a little bit of Irish whiskey to it. But listen, don’t start unnecessary debates, the rest of us are trying to have fun!  

Art/Design ~ Kombucha​

Girl holding up a kombucha bottle to camera covering her face
Athena Kavis

Don’t get offended by this choice. I respect your willingness to try new things and color outside the lines. Whether you genuinely enjoy this drink or merely like it for its aesthetic, you guys can’t be put in a box. 

History ~ Whiskey Coke

I imagine you guys sipping on a whiskey coke telling me all about how the Roman Empire fell. Something about the smoky musk of whiskey reminds me of old books. Those of which you probably have scattered around your bedroom. Get out there, drink your drink, and make some memories that are good enough to go in the history books!

Computer Science ~ Beer

Beer on tap
Bence Boros

As complicated as your major is, you guys are simple. When you’re not knee-deep in developing new code or creating software, you can enjoy a nice beer or two…or four. This break, get away from the blue light, into the sunlight, and crack open a cold one!

Education ~ Pina Colada

Let’s be real, you guys are basically children in adult bodies. You might not even care if the pina colada is a virgin or alcoholic because the best part is the sweet coconutty creaminess of it all. I’m not judging at all; you guys basically have the most quintessential spring break drink of all!

Whatever your major or drink preference, remember to make good choices, drink responsibly and stay safe! Happy Spring Break!!

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