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At first, it may seem like being a songwriter is all fun and cute, but it is so much more than that. I became a songwriter two and a half years ago. I have both loved and hated every second of it. It comes with its fair shares of highs and lows, ups and downs. Let me tell you how it goes.

So, I am part of a duo called “Dormiglioni.” It consists of me and my boyfriend. I consider him my producer and he puts together the tracks. He really brings the sound to life and sparks my ideas. I am the vocalist and lyricist of the duo. I put a narrative and a story to the songs. He likes to say that the songs are never really complete until I touch them. I think that’s sweet.

What makes songwriting challenging is that you constantly have to think of new stories to tell and ways to convey them. Your audience is always going to want to hear something new and fresh. Sometimes you run out of steam until one day you wake up and you’re ready to start again. Another difficult aspect for us is getting the mixing and mastering right. Sometimes we just do not have the knowledge or tools yet to get us where we want to be professionally. We try our best! Finding your niche and target audience is extremely tricky too. In a media matured market, I am still currently trying to figure out how to be heard.

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There are things I appreciate about the whole process too. It is always really nice seeing your sound evolve and change. I went from a bedroom pop sound to a more coming of age pop. It is kind of like personal growth, but if you could hear it. I’m always really happy when my friends like my music. They’re my originals fans, always. I like talking about the process and claiming it as my best work. From the planning to recording, to the artwork, it is really a lot. I get a laugh when people refer to me as “Dormiglioni” instead of my name. Of course, I like having the chance to even be listed on Spotify and Apple Music. Lastly, I love that I get to work on this with my partner.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve always wanted to be a musician. In my own small way, I am now. There are days when it is the best thing I’ve done and there are days where it is looming over my head. So, I give credit to every artist out there. Everything you make is always a big accomplishment. Even if only one person saw it, you made a difference. Just think, where would the world be without your authenticity and original thoughts?

I’ll wrap this up with my mantra. My goal is always to show the world that you can change it through your imagination.

Dormiglioni has three albums, four singles and one EP available on most streaming platforms.

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I am Cuban American. Miami is where I call home. Currently, I am studying at the Florida State University. I am a double major in Media Communications and Studio Art. I am part of a Latinx sorority called Kappa Delta Chi. My music duo consists of me and Dillon D'Andrea. We call ourselves "Dormiglioni". I enjoy creating content and inspiring others through my art, whether it be physical art, digital art, or music. My goal in life is to show the world that you can change it through your imagination. I have a very dedicated and driven work ethic. In my down time, I love to spend quality time with my family and friends. Nothing makes me happier than experiencing new things and using those memories to fuel my creativity.
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