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What it’s Like to Run a Body Positivity Page on TikTok

I got to catch up with my high school friend, Katie, and chat about her work on TikTok and promoting her Plus Size and Midsize Fashion Hub

Her Campus (HC): So, how have you been? Tell us a little bit about yourself.  

Katie Farrell (KF): I’ve been great! I’m currently a junior in college studying film and new media in Los Angeles. I am also the creator of Plus Fashion Hub. I’m really excited to get the chance to talk a little about the account. 

HC: What got you interested in social media or, more specifically, TikTok?  

KF: I originally became interested in TikTok just as a way to cure my boredom. I joined the app in early 2019 and started making videos a few months later just for fun. Being a film student, I love how TikTok makes it easy to create and share videos. During quarantine, I had a few videos on my personal account go viral and gained quite a few followers, so I decided to do something positive with that platform.  

HC: What inspired you to start @PSMSFH? 

KF: I started the account because I wanted to see an increase in plus-size exposure on TikTok. I also knew a few plus-size creators who made amazing videos but did not get the credit they deserved. That’s when I had the idea to start a little online fashion house and asked some of my favorite plus-size and midsize creators if they would like to join. We quickly gained 46,000 followers after posting our first video, and since then, we have used the account as a platform to showcase many different styles on an array of different body types. 

HC: Wow, that’s a really cool concept. I feel like I have seen a lot more stuff like this popping up on TikTok. Tiktok has such a unique algorithm, though. How do you plan to get your page out there more, and when you do, what do you want to share with your platform? 

KF: Honestly, although it is nice to reach as many people as you can, there’s no way to truly control how the TikTok algorithm works. What I aim to accomplish with the account is to just keep making videos like we have and hope that the right people see them. The goal of Plus Size Fashion Hub isn’t for sponsorships or fame; it’s just to spread positivity to people who might need it. 

HC: What are some of your goals as far as your TikTok and your career in general? 

KF: Ever since I got TikTok, I’ve always just seen it more as an outlet to post whatever I want. My main goal is to have fun. I also keep the same energy with regards to Plus Size Fashion Hub. As for my career, I want to work in the film industry eventually. Although I do not know precisely what I want to do, living and working in Los Angeles has allowed me to acquire many practical on-set experiences so after I graduate, I can move into whatever area of the field I desire. However, I really love the idea of being a fashion designer, and I hope that maybe I could do that beyond college. 

HC: That sounds amazing! It was great to catch up with you, Katie. I can’t wait to see what you do next! 

KF: Thank you so much! I love it when I get to catch up with you, and I’m honored that you asked to interview me.

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Alice Grenier is a second year english literature student at Florida State University. She is from Orlando, Florida and aspires to become a lawyer. @alice_grenier on instagram
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