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What it Feels Like to be the More Sober (ish) Girl at the Bar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

We all love our friends and are always excited to go out with them on the weekends. Most of us will pre-game with margaritas or just go straight to the bar, but when all of our friends (somehow) end up far more intoxicated than us, it can be very irritating.

When walking into the bar/club, all of your friends start dancing like this:And you follow behind awkwardly like this: So you rush over to order drinks from the bartender: But you can’t finish them as fast as your friends can: So then they all leave together for a group bathroom trip:

But all they’re doing is staring at themselves in the mirror for 15 minutes: And now you’re left alone, and some creepy guy tells you that you’re too pretty to not be having fun: Then there’s always that one friend that starts dancing on a guy like this: So you pull her aside to ask why she is dancing with a random dude: And your response:By the end of the night, all of your friends are trying to sound philosophical, but what you’re hearing is: And there’s always one friend who refuses to leave the bar and get in the taxi: And all you can say to her is: When the taxi parks at your house and all of your friends pull out their wallets:

So then you’re stuck paying for most the cab fare.

Then you all go inside and they ask you to bring them through the drive-thru: So they make disgusting food instead: And finally, the exciting feeling when they all leave or go to sleep:

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