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What Is Everyone Eating in Quarantine?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Alright, quarantine has probably affected your food habits in one of two ways. Either you’re cooking up some gourmet, five-star meals in your home, or you’ve become a couch potato whose “dinners” become whatever snacks you have laying around. Or, if you’re like me, you’re both.

Although I will admit, I err on the side of snacking, once in a while I make myself a delicious and dutifully prepared dinner…okay maybe it was one time. I had made my Italian grandmother’s baked ziti recipe, and I could have eaten it for the rest of my life if I hadn’t run out of leftovers.

In my opinion, another difference in food choices has to do with where you’re quarantining. I, along with some others, have chosen to self-isolate in our respective apartments up in Tallahassee. Meanwhile, others are at home with their families, and if they’re lucky, they are being treated to some nice home-cooked meals!

While I was snacking on a dinner of Pirate’s Booty and wine the other night, I pondered what the rest of us twenty-somethings are eating each evening. So I turned to Instagram and asked my followers to respond to my burning question. The answers were definitely a mixed bag…

Tacos were a big hit

“Cauliflower rice and bean tacos”

“Homemade tacos” (with a drooling emoji)

“Chicken tacos with avocado-lime cream”

So was pasta…


“Mexican pasta”

“Made a bunch of pasta at once and adding different sauces to switch it up”

“Pasta pasta pasta” (that’s literally all they said…I stan)

Some of them were on the fancier side

“Soup Jumou – soup with simmered squash, vegetables, beef, and potatoes”

“Homemade chicken quesadillas with a little bit of sriracha and some yum yum sauce”

“I had salmon in an air fryer for the first time today and it was a GAME CHANGER”

“Grilled chicken, grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes”

Some gave me a laugh!

wine and cheese
John Canelis

“Oreos…just oreos”

“All I’ve had in the past 2 days is a Reece’s and a Truly”

“Wine and then some more wine”

“I had sleep for dinner”

“I’ve eaten so many sandwiches I might just become a sandwich”

“Popcorn…dipped in salsa” (I’m sorry, what?)

Honorable mentions

“Let’s just say I’ve had a homemade rice bowl for the past 5 days”

“Publix’s chocolate chip mini muffins”

“Hot wings!”

“I’ve been snacking a lot so I’ve had a borderline unhealthy amount of popcorn! Lol”

“Tomorrow is sushi, pizza, and margs. Should be an interesting night”

“Tofu, mushrooms, spinach and rice”

As you can tell our eating habits vary wildly. I want to add, whatever side of the dinner spectrum you fall on is okay. During such a stressful time we should not be too hard on ourselves. This pandemic is only temporary, and the most important thing right now is staying away from this virus and staying sane. You can always practice healthier habits when it’s the right time! So, if right now a diet of solely Oreos is what’s getting you through this, by all means, enjoy them!

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