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What a Disney Princess In College Might Feel During Valentine’s Day

When you realize on Friday, February 14th  that you have no plans except to go to class and maybe binge on Disney movies the rest of the day.

When your dream prince suddenly texts you for dinner and drinks tonight and you break out in inspirational song.

When you realize that you now have to find the right outfit, and you don’t know if pink is too cliché or if some other color sets the wrong mood.

When you haven’t even thought about what shoes to wear.

When you start to panic about the idea of even going out on a date with your dream prince, or just the idea of leaving the comfort of your bed.

When  you start to daydream about what outfit he is going to wear, what he will say to you, and how he will totally sweep you off your feet.

When you eventually put aside your fears and dreams to get it together.

When he finally picks you up and is all like:

And you’re just trying to play it off as if your hair looks this good naturally.

When during the car ride he is trying to start polite conversation and you’re just trying not to stare too much.

When, once at the restaurant, you realize you’re playing with your hair during dinner way TOO often and he is starting to notice.

When you finally start to pay attention again and realize he is interested in the same things you are into, is a decent human being who cares, and has a sense of humor that actually makes you laugh.

When he genuinely listens to you talk about either your degree, career goals, or even Disney movie choices, and doesn’t look bored one bit.

When halfway through the date you head over to the bathroom and call your friends and tell them he’s perfect…

…and that he is way better than that jerk you dated a month ago, or that guy in class that is always staring at you.

No, this prince is absolutely perfect and definitely sweeping you off your feet!

When you realize your date is into you too, and you could be queen of anything at this point.

(You just have to remember while you’re eating not to get anything stuck in your teeth)

When you leave  the restaurant and as he is driving you home, you’re realizing dating wasn’t as scary as you thought it would be (but is actually quite nice).

He touches your hand in the car and you think magic sparks just literally came out of nowhere.

When he finally drops you off and there is that intense Disney-like moment.


When you get sick of the tension building and just kiss him anyway because kissing =awesome.

When, after he drives off into the sunset, you go to your bed and cuddle in the comfort of your Valentine’s Day success .


Maybe it didn’t work out.

And you found your prince was a jerk, just wanted to get lucky on Valentine’s Day, or never even bothered to ask you out.

It happens, but maybe you did other cool things like hang out with your friends,

Or waved all the jerk princes and haters goodbye.

While you realized you are one awesome princess who can love and defend herself.

Whatever, happens…we hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day and embrace it however a princess like yourself may!

Be a fierce princess always! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Amanda is currently a Junior at Florida State University. She is double majoring in Creative Writing and Media Communications and is oh-so excited about it. When she isn't trying to write poetry or read recommended books, Amanda finds herself on the internet doing absolutely nothing, or at any Mexican restaurant in Tallahassee munching on delicious salsa and chips. If you have any salsa that will blow her mind and taste buds, please let her know so that you can become life long friends. Amanda is not a cat person, but thoroughly enjoys cat memes.
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