Watch Out for These Awesome Concerts and Events Coming to Tallahassee: Japanese Breakfast Concert at the Wilbury

In case you weren’t aware, Tallahassee has a pretty great music scene. Once you know where to look, you can find shows in every genre. On campus, Club Downunder/Union Productions has pretty much any event, keynote speaker, comedian or concert you would ever want to see. Around town, venues such as The Moon and The Wilbury welcome artists to the Tallahassee area plus the various festivals put on by the city. But how do you find out about these shows and how do you keep tabs on your favorite artists? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Courtesy: Maximilian Ho, L.A. Record

One of the upcoming shows will put the spotlight on Japanese Breakfast, aka Michelle Zauner. Trust me, she qualifies as a total girl-boss. She has found a way to break out and become one of the frontrunners in a genre that is generally predominated by white males. She is also a writer and co-writer of many songs. According to Spotify, she got her start in Philadelphia as a part of the indie-rock band, Little Big League. Since then, she has branched off into a solo career, creating sounds that have been described as bridging “lo-fi and indie pop”. Her newest album, Soft Sounds from Another Planet features songs such as Road Head, Boyish and Diving Woman. Each song has a unique sound to it. Some are easy and flowing while others touch on her indie rock roots. Her older album, called Psychopomp, exhibits more of these roots. It features songs such as Everybody Wants to Love You and In Heaven. It’s a deeply personal record focused around her mother’s death and its effects on Michelle. She has been known in the past to write personal songs in the hope that others can somehow relate to them. Her show will be on Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. at The Wilbury (near Gaines Street Pies and All Saints Café in Collegetown). Tickets are $18 if you get them in advance (they go on sale Jan. 30) and $20 if you buy them the day of the show. There is also a small $2 fee if you are under 21.

Courtesy: Philip Cosores 

Later this year, artists such as Mitski, Car Seat Headrest, and Laura Stephenson will be gracing Tallahassee with their talents. There are also a few festivals coming up, such as the Word of South Festival Apr. 12- 14, which showcases authors and musicians from around the country who put their hearts and souls into their writing. You do not want to miss out! To keep track of all of these awesome events, take a look at Facebook. Under the events section, click music. You can change the settings to customize the city that you search in for events, but everything I have mentioned should pop up. Another great resource is Club Downunder’s (aka CDU) social media sites. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify to keep tabs on what’s coming to town. Their Spotify account is under the name of CDU’s mascot, @DoryGlaze and features music from all of the artists coming to campus each month. It’s a great way to see what shows you want to attend, plus you can expand your playlist while you’re at it.

Courtesy: Tracy Graham