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Watch Out for Omar Apollo: The Next Big Artist

Finding a new artist that is not so mainstream just yet is the best feeling. As much as I want to gatekeep Omar Apollo, he is just too talented to not share. I have been an Omar Apollo fan since 2019, as his pop and alternative sound itched a part of my brain that no other artist did. Let me put you on to Omar Apollo. You will want to thank me later.

About Omar

Omar Apollo, born Omar Apolonio Velasco, is from Indiana. His parents migrated from Guadalajara, Mexico to the United States. What makes Omar unique is how he embraces his Mexican culture in his music. He has a few songs in Spanish and others that contain more traditional beats and melodies. Omar’s song “Ugotme” was his first breakthrough record on Spotify. This moment marked the beginning of his music career which only continued to grow. He first began as an independent artist and later got signed to Warner Records. He has released three albums which are Stereo, Apolonio, Ivory and one EP, Friends, so far. Omar Apollo being a queer Latinx artist brings the diversity needed to the music industry.

Best Songs

If it is your first time listening to Omar Apollo, here are my top three favorite songs of his. I will not be surprised if they end up in your playlist. At the number one spot is “Kamikaze” from his second album Apolonio. This song has a groovy feel and is very catchy. My favorite time stamp is 2:00 to 2:20. I promise you that these twenty seconds will change your life. “Ugotme” takes the second spot. It’s more of a slow, emotional song compared to “Kamikaze,” but still has that vibey feel. In the third spot is “Frio,” which is Omar’s first full song in Spanish. This song is really cool because it is a perfect combination of his R&B style and Latin reggaeton rhythms. These three songs show the versatility behind Omar Apollo’s music.

Live Shows

Omar Apollo has been on tour for the last two months for his album Ivory. I went to one of his shows this tour and it was a great experience. He had an amazing set list, as it had an even amount of newer and older songs. Omar had an amazing presence in person with the way he danced, sang and included the audience throughout the show. As a growing artist, his shows are very well done and very entertaining.

His Rise to Fame

Over the last few months, Omar has rapidly become more popular after his song “Evergreen” went viral on Tik Tok. The emotion and passion behind his voice as he sings the bridge of the song caused it to go viral. Tik Tok allowed caused his fan base to expand, as the song has been heard by many. After his song recently went viral, he was nominated at the Grammys under the category, Best New Artist. This is his first-ever Grammy nomination which truly marks a huge milestone in his career.

Listening to Omar Apollo’s discography is life-changing and will immediately make you a fan. If you enjoy alternative, pop or R&B styles of music, Omar Apollo is for you!

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