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The origins of love are highly untraceable, with themes of passion and desire appearing through literature and art history dating back to the beginning of civilization. Born from chaos and wrath, love arose from the ashes, bringing renewal to the world of mythology and the arts. Chaos and love are considered juxtapositions; however, the power and control that they hold are almost synonymous. The most distinguished ballads of love all share this same trope. Mythology often acts as a base that modern art and literature was derived from. Epic love stories prove timeless because of their grandiose plotlines, which examine the intertwining of the themes; love and chaos.

Chaos on a godly level proves stronger and fiercer than any conceivable ideology of mayhem. Delineated by Ovid in his epic poem Metamorphoses, the story begins with the clash of the gods and the giants. Enraged at the giants’ endeavor to seize the heavens, the Roman god Jove, also known as Zeus in Greek mythology, plagued Earth with his fury, releasing floods and demolition. Procured from the eye of madness came a new god, Cupid. The origins of Cupid are rather construed with theories stating he was a product of his own doing opposing ideologies that he is the son of Venus and Mercury. Regardless of his birth, his status remains the same; the god of love and desire. After the ages of darkness cease, out of it rises Cupid and Venus, who stand for love and are gifted with the power of influence over the destiny of individuals.   

The goddess Venus is referred to as the most beautiful creature in existence. A pinnacle for love, beauty and fertility, the abandoned statue of Venus de Milo is coined the finest and most alluring soul. The statue exhibits a nude woman standing at six feet and eight inches who is missing both of her arms. In contrast with some unconventional standards of beauty, the Venus de Milo continues to claim her title as the most universal convention of beauty and love. Even with conventionality working against the statute, love and grace prove unrelinquished. 


Indisputably the most famous piece of literature detailing unrequited love is Romeo and Juliet, a tragic serenade of love’s full grasp. A feud between two rival houses torments Verona, with fighting and bloodshed lurking around every corner. When the star-crossed lovers meet, they do not recognize each other as the rivals which they were born as. Two deaths, a banishment and an elopement later; Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague both willingly pay the price of eternal love in death, rather than living apart. The havoc and misery fated for them was no match for their love. Chaos could not stop Romeo and Juliet, validating the strength of their love in the end. 

Chaos and disarray hold the power to destroy and consume all that is life. However, love is much stronger in its ability to take life, but more importantly, create it. Chaos breeds love. For love represents hope and renewal, which is all there is to hold on to in the face of destruction. Chaos and love are more alike and connected than imaginable because it is in times of distraught when true, pure love is tested and proven.

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A fourth-year student at Florida State University, Gabrielle is striving towards a major in Digitial Media Production with a minor in Innovations.
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