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WandaVision Changes the Vision of Marvel Studios Entertainment

The following article contains slight spoilers for WandaVision.

With the official announcement of Disney+ in 2018 and the anticipated launch late the following year, Disney+ has been a constant source of entertainment for most Disney lovers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Even for those who were first skeptical of the streaming service, many have made it an addition to their roster of options for movie nights. In fact, since its launch, Disney+ has now reached 86.8 million users. With exciting shows released at launch such as The Mandalorian and others promised to be released in the coming months, many found the platform hard to resist. Now, with the release of WandaVision, these other titles are finally starting to hit small screens everywhere.

WandaVision is the first in a long list of new TV shows scheduled to be released on Disney+ from Marvel Studios Entertainment. The show revolves around Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlett Witch, and her husband Vision. The show is set in a false reality where these two are living normal lives in the suburbs despite having superpowers, with the show having a typical dialogue that one might find in a sitcom. So far, every episode has been set in a different decade, and there has been an episode set in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The show should continue to follow this format. However, in the most recent episode, the ending leaves room for the show to go in a lot of different ways, as Wanda and Vision are beginning to realize that this reality is not real. 

With this show, as well as many of the others that are on the Disney+ roster, being set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, those who work for Marvel Studios Entertainment are leaving a lot of possibilities open in terms of how to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Marvel has created TV shows before, all of these new TV shows being released in the near future are supposedly set in the same universe as the beloved movies. This gives many opportunities for new content but also limits those fans who may not have purchased a Disney+ membership, as they would not have access to the new content and might be confused when the blockbusters are released in theaters, depending on how the shows relate to the movies and if the stories are integrated. 

[bf_image id="cn6mc92v5hkrr93wgr565mh"] WandaVision is changing the direction that Marvel Studios Entertainment is going. With a new format that has seen high praise from fans, there seems to be no point in stopping the release of these new titles. And, with so many fans at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are appreciating this new stream of content being given to them weekly via a streaming service rather than a theatrical release. This newfound formula for the typical Marvel story may be just another thing to keep the company at the top of its game when it comes to the entertainment world.

The first three episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.

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