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Valentine’s Day Mixes – They’re a Must

Looking for a heartfelt (but cheap) gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day? Mixtapes may be a thing of the past, but the concept is still very much a thing. You can make a mix CD, put a playlist onto a USB drive, make a playlist on Spotify, or upload songs to 8tracks.

When you make a mix for your Valentine remember that the cheesier it is, the better. I’m talking songs off the soundtrack of the first movie you saw together, songs by an artist you two saw live, and Frank Sintra (obviously). You can use their favorite songs, songs that remind you of their smile, or some classic love songs. Or all of the above. Throw in songs that are super silly and some power ballads with declarations of love. If you’re feeling super sappy, add songs from any John Hughes movie – you can’t beat ’80s teen romance cheese.

Mixes are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. They’re cheap and sweet, and who wouldn’t want to get a mix CD for Valentine’s Day? You know you want one. Plus, if you make one for your boyfriend/girlfriend first, then it could give them the idea to make you one for your birthday or anniversary or just because they wanted to. If you decide to make a mix CD or put a playlist on a USB drive, you can decorate the case and make it pretty much the cutest thing ever. There’s no way your significant other wouldn’t love their gift. Is there a downside to making a Valentine’s Day mix? The answer is no. Now go make yours!

I’ve complied a (not so) small list of songs for you that are a perfect fit for a super-sappy mix that you can pull from if you’re having a hard time starting yours.

  • “Junk of the Heart” by The Kooks
  • “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths
  • “Make You Feel My Love” (Bob Dylan cover) by Adele
  • “XO” by Beyoncé
  • “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service
  • “I Love You” by The Velvet Underground
  • “Angels” by The xx
  • “No One’s Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses
  • “Crazy For You” by Best Coast
  • “The Most Beautiful Things” by Jimmy Eat World
  • “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy
  • “Treasure” by Bruno Mars
  • “La La Love You” by Pixies
  • “Indie Rokkers” by MGMT
  • “I Will Follow You into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie
  • “Summertime” by My Chemical Romance
  • “Tonight You’re Perfect” by New Politics
  • “Drove Me Wild” by Tegan and Sara
  • “Sex” by The 1975
  • “Skin” by Rihanna
  • “Adore You” by Miley Cyrus
  • “I Drove All Night” by Cyndi Lauper
  • “Be My Wife” by David Bowie
  • “A Dustland Fairytale” by The Killers
  • “All I Want” by Kodaline
  • “The Look Of Love” by Frank Sinatra
  • “Heavy Metal Heart” by Sky Ferreira
  • “Chesterfield King” by Jawbreaker
  • “Always” by blink-182
  • “Better Together” by Jack Johnson
  • “Luna” by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • “Heartbeat” by Buddy Holly
  • “Us” by Regina Spektor
  • “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure

If you need any inspiration, you can listen to all of these in the same mix on Spotify HERE.

Kayla Jewell is a senior Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University, minoring in Communications and Film Studies. She doesn't like to think about what happens after graduation. When she’s not doing schoolwork, Kayla spends her time stalking celebrities on the internet, taking naps, and going to concerts.
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