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Upcoming Movies with Strong Female Leads

The film industry has come a long way with casting female characters for the big screen. We have the privilege today of living in a time where women have started to become represented more and more as figures of authority and leaders in their field. Breakout roles that have changed the roles of women in film have led us to what we have today. Hidden Figures and Tomb Raider are two movies where women are represented not only as clever and hardworking but also adventurous and brave. We can all come to an agreement that the characters women play nowadays are vastly different from female characters decades ago who were damsels in distress or sideline characters. These days, women are the ones rescuing, solving problems and making sacrifices on the big screen. Here are some characters that we can look forward to in this era of the “strong female lead.” 

Captain Marvel

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It’s been a long time coming for Marvel to make a female superhero movie and she’s making an entrance in the most tumultuous time of Marvel with Avengers: Endgame on the horizon. After Avengers: Infinity War, our heroes need all the help they can get and who better than one of Marvel’s most powerful creations. Captain Marvel is introduced through intergalactic conflict (always need more of that) with Earth caught in the middle of course. Her powers include shooting energy blasts from her hands, flying, super speed, super strength and more. Avengers: Endgame features Brie Larson in what we hope is the first of many female-led superhero Marvel films. The movie centers around Carol Danvers, former U.S. Air Force pilot, who obtains powers that ultimately leads to her defending Earth from galactic conflict. The film premieres on Mar. 8.

Little Women

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The reboot of a true classic, Little Women includes some of our favorite actresses including Emma Watson, Laura Dern, Saoirse Ronan, Eliza Scanlen, Florence Pugh and Meryl Strep as the newest incarnations of the March family. While it will be hard to live up to the Winona Ryder version of the movie, the cast gives us hope that they might do justice to the beloved original.

If you’ve never seen the original or read the book, Little Women is about the four March sisters as they grow up and each finds their own way in the world while remaining close in sisterhood. Basically, it’s a heartwarming story about family. People with their own sisters or even a close friend that feels like a family member will be able to relate, especially with the disagreements. The movie premieres this upcoming Christmas. 

The Rhythm Section

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The Rhythm Section, based on the novel by Mark Burnell, stars Blake Lively as a spy on a mission. After learning the plane crash that killed her family was no accident, she takes charge to find out what or who was the cause. Lively portrays Stephanie, a woman who assumes multiple identities in an attempt to not only get justice for her family but also to reclaim her own identity as well. If you loved A Simple Favor, you’re sure to love this as well. It premieres Nov. 22 this year. 

Dark Phoenix

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Looks like Marvel is on a roll and we will be getting a second female-centric superhero film, this time focusing on an established member of the X-Men group, Jean Gray. After an accident where she was hit by a cosmic force that made her powers unstable, she turns deadly and uncontrollable. Most likely one of the last pre-Disney MCU storylines still being produced, the X-Men will get the full Disney treatment soon enough. The movie comes out June 7.

The Hustle

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A movie so nice they made it thrice, The Hustle is a female-centered remake of a remake, those films being Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) and Bedtime Story (1964). Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star in this comedy of two con-artists that team up to scheme their way to the big bucks. I’m definitely interested in seeing two of Hollywood’s favorite stars and how they play off one another. The film gives us an Ocean’s 8 vibes which came out last year as a companion movie to Ocean’s 11. Looks like it’s Anne Hathaway’s turn to play the conniving criminal character this time. It premieres May 10.

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