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The Ultimate Guide to a Key West Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Spring break is the best time of the year for college students. We’re given an entire week to forget about school and finally spend time with our friends instead of our textbooks. Key West has something for everyone, making it a popular spring break destination. If you’re planning on going there, or you still haven’t decided, this guide will help you have a spring break you won’t forget!

1. Smathers Beach

Start your day off at the biggest beach on the island. While the Florida Keys don’t have many beaches, Smathers Beach gets soft, white sand imported from the Caribbean, making the beach of your dreams available to you in Key West.

Courtesy: Flickr

2. Dante’s Pool Bar

If you want to cool off in the water, but also want to be a part of the spring break party scene, Dante’s is the place for you. Live (mostly local) bands and DJs keep you entertained while you eat or get drinks from one of the three bars surrounding the pool.

Courtesy: Eventsfy

3. Southernmost Point

Your next stop should be the famous Southernmost Point. People flock here year-round to get their picture taken at the southernmost point buoy in the continental United States, measuring just 90 miles away from Cuba.

Courtesy: Clio

4. Key Lime Pie

You can’t visit Key West without eating key lime pie! Key West Key Lime Pie Co. has some of the best pie on the island. The chocolate-dipped pie is something you have to try!

Courtesy: That Backpacker

5. Sunset Celebration

Before the nightlife begins, you have to go to the sunset celebration. This event happens every night about two hours before sunset. Locals and performers gather in Mallory Square to show off their talents. You’ll find everything from singers to sword swallowers and don’t forget to see the famous “Cat Man” and his trained housecats.

Courtesy: Traveler

6. Bars

Key West has bars around every corner, making the nightlife something you can’t miss. Sloppy Joe’s, Capt. Tony’s and Green Parrot all have the local, island-y vibe. Bars like Fat Tuesday and Rick’s (which is an entire party complex) have the spring break party vibe. With all the bars in walking distance from one another, you can hit them all!

Courtesy: Blaine Harrington Photography

7. Ghost Tours

If you had enough partying during the day and want something more low-key to do at night, check out a ghost tour. Key West’s history makes for some creepy legends and haunted sites. The Ghosts & Gravestones tour features tales of Robert the Doll, the Key West Cemetery and an old Civil War fort.

Courtesy: Trolley Tours
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