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A Traveled Man with a Dynamic Style: Meet Danny Wright

          Drawn to Tallahassee for the college-town atmosphere, incredible school, and somewhat seasonal weather (for Florida), I made frequent visits to FSU my freshman and sophomore year. Coming mainly during football season, I met an insane amount of people with a crazy passion for their school who made me feel like I was home. Through a mutual friend, I happened to meet Mr. Danny Wright. This dude was rocking a half-up half-down, and immediately struck me as a modern-day Spicoli right out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Having left an impression on me before I even became a Seminole, I decided to sit down and find out what this guy was really all about.

Photo By: Chelsea Kossiver


Danny Wright:                                                                             

Hometown:  Satellite Beach, FL.

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Marketing

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla type of guy.

Celebrity Crush: Blake Lively

Traveled to: Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, Cordova, Grenada, Majorca, Bahamas, Canada.

Favorite Food: French Fries


Her Campus (HC): Has your hometown had a big influence on your lifestyle?

Danny Wright (DW): I’d say so. It’s a really small town that has the ocean on one side and river on the other. I think I’ve definitely brought my beach lifestyle with me to Tallahassee. Not to mention, half of my high school has eventually ended up here over the years.

HC: What stimulates your mind on a daily basis?

DW: I really like to read books, mostly ones that I think I can learn from in any way. Anything from real-life advice to how to fold a paper rose.

HC: You mentioned earlier that you studied abroad in the Valencia program here at FSU. Do you feel cultured from your experience?

DW: Definitely. Having the chance to be exposed to completely different cultures and countries really made me realize that we are a very small part of the world that surrounds us. I also realized that if you’re cool towards other people, they’re probably going to be cool right back.

HC: What are your aspirations?

DW: Really just to be a better person than I was the day before.

HC: What’s the number one thing on your bucket list?

DW: A bucket list always made me feel kind of morbid because I like to live day-to-day, but if there could be one thing, it would be to walk up Machu Picchu with my dad.

HC: Favorite music?

DW: Throw on anything from 90’s pop to underground hip hop and either way, I’ll be dancing. My favorite artist of all time, though, is Blue Sky Black Death. It’s my favorite because their artistic work is so powerful and has so many sounds, that you hear something new every time you listen to it; it’s like the music captures you.

HC: Favorite activity?

DW: It changes with the seasons, but pretty much anything outside, from snowboarding to boating.

HC: What are two things you absolutely couldn’t live without?

DW: Music and water.

HC: Favorite movie?

DW: Hot Tub Time Machine, hands down. Totally just reminds me of adventures with my boys.

HC: What style would you consider yourself?

DW: If I had to put a style on myself, I’d say it’s dynamic. Style, in my opinion, is more than just a label. Style is just kind of how you choose to roll in life, you know?

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HC: What turns you off the most?

DW: Promiscuity. If you’re walking around looking like you’re begging for someone to go home with, you need to re-evaluate what is and isn’t attractive.

HC: What do you find the most attractive about a woman?

DW: Definitely a beautiful smile.

HC: Ideal date?

DW: Anything that involves dancing.

HC: If you had a spirit animal, what would it be and why?

DW: Hm… funny you ask, I’ve actually been putting a lot of thought into this question, lately. Honestly I don’t have one; I just haven’t met the right animal.

HC: What’s an interesting fact many don’t know about you?

DW: That I’ll probably be completely gray by the time I’m 30.

HC: What’s been your most memorable class?

DW: Philosophy through film, without a doubt. My teacher is what makes the class, though, because he isn’t afraid to relate to us on a real-life note. He wants to hear what we think back.

HC: What do you love most about FSU?

DW: Man that’s a list; 'most' is tough. I love how beautiful the campus [is], and how gorgeous all the women are. It’s the perfect walk to school every day, for that reason. When you go to a top ten party school, voted into the top ten universities with the most attractive women, there’s really not much you can’t love.

HC: What has been your most unforgettable memory here thus far?

DW: There’s so many to choose from, so I’ll give you the most recent event. Last weekend on an ice-cold night, my roommate climbed into the Westcott fountain in his boxers, yelling to everyone who passed that it was his 21st birthday. He’s turning 23 in 4 months.

HC: What makes you most proud to be a Seminole?

DW: FSU has become my home. From filming the football practices to winning the national championship, I just feel like we’ve just been through so much together.

HC: And last, but certainly not least: if you had an alter ego, what would his name be?

DW: Lieutenant Dan. Story behind it — when I broke my ankle in Spain playing soccer, my buddies would wheel me around while we bar-hopped. Between all the beers, and my pirate-esque facial appearance at the time, I was deemed Lieutenant Dan.

My name is Cierra Roth, Currently I'm a Junior and a brand new member of the Her Campus FSU chapter! Fashion, music, culture and healthy living are my forte. Love spreading positive vibes; positively love vibing.
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