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We’ve all been there. You like your job, your coworkers, and the money isn’t too bad either. BUT, your boss sucks. They’re unprofessional, over-demanding and insensitive to the needs of their workers. This kind of management can turn an exciting job opportunity into a dreaded obligation and this is a huge no-no. Your manager’s job is to support you, challenge you, and help you grow both individually and professionally. If they aren’t doing any of these things, chances are you have a toxic manager. Just like any toxic relationship, this one can tear you down and leave you feeling insecure and incompetent. This is NEVER ok. Here are the top four signs you’re in a toxic relationship… with your boss!

They don’t listen to you.

The willingness to listen to employees is one of the greatest leadership skills a manager could have. You want a boss who welcomes your input and thoughtfully considers your ideas. When bosses listen, they are rewarded with motivated and committed workers. Encouraging employees to share their thoughts also often leads to company improvement and innovation. On the other hand, if bosses frequently dismiss their workers, they’re setting themselves up to have passive, lethargic employees who are just going through the motions. If they don’t listen to you, find someone who will because your ideas are worth hearing!

They won’t let you do your job.

Let’s talk about micromanaging. Does your boss check up on you every five minutes? Do they act like you have no idea what you’re doing? Are they unwilling to delegate? If so, you probably have a toxic boss. Micromanaging can be infuriating because all it does is make workers feel like they’re incompetent and untrustworthy, even if they’re entirely capable of succeeding in their position. A boss that won’t let you do the job you were hired to do is hindering your professional development by not letting you learn and grow from the experience. Try to resolve this by having a candid conversation with your boss where you bring up your concerns and ask for a little bit more trust.

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They’re never satisfied.

You could do a hundred things perfectly, but a toxic boss will focus on a single minor mistake. They are masters at finding problems where there really aren’t any. Even though it feels like you’re working so hard, you never get an ounce of recognition. Over time, this kind of behavior can lead even the most enthusiastic worker to stop putting in the effort. There is a difference between challenging your employees to meet high expectations and being an unappeasable douchebag. If your boss leans more towards the latter, it might be time to put in that two weeks notice.

They take credit for your work.

Last, but certainly not least, a boss who repeatedly and purposefully takes credit for YOUR work or idea is without a doubt a toxic boss. Sometimes, there are valid reasons why a superior might pitch your idea as their own. For example, maybe they think it will be better received if their name is attached to it. However, if this is happening frequently and without your consent, it’s outright disrespectful. Ever heard of plagiarism, buddy?

Having a toxic boss can certainly make life a lot harder, but it doesn’t have to! Just because your boss is your superior doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to a healthy work environment. With patience and open communication, things can change! If not, then maybe it’s time to find a position that better suits you and your needs. Good luck!

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Victoria is majoring in Political Science and Media Communications at FSU! She is passionate about human rights advocacy, writing, reading, public speaking. When she's not busy adulting, you can catch her binge-watching cringy reality TV shows or out and about with her gal pals!
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