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Top Drunk Games to Play During Spring Break

Spring break is the longest break college students get every spring semester. I know you are tired, burnt out, hungry and broke. Those professors do not give a crap about how many quizzes, exams or discussion board posts you must do. Once March hits, you somehow find a way to scrape together your last coins and dollars to take a trip to Bali, Belize or even Costa Rica. Financial aid at Florida Student University does not hear about it every year. You may not have the funds to even make it to Bora Bora this year because you have been to the Flite every other week in the VIP skip line. This time you may just hang out with your friends and have a drunk game night. Who does not love a game night involving alcohol? All you need is a good group of friends you can vibe with, maybe two or three bottles of liquor—one for shots at the door and the other two for the rest of the night and of course you need loads of games. You can even throw in a jug of water or have a water dispenser to save the environment and save your liver after the night is over. Before we get into how fun the games will be, we should always drink responsibly, do not drive and pace yourself.

Now let the games begin!

Uno cards spread out everywhere
Photo by Simon Ray on Unsplash

1. Drunk Uno

  • Things you will need: Uno cards, alcohol, cups
  • It is just like regular UNO, but you add a shot with the special cards. For instance, when you skip somebody, they must take a shot. When you pick up a draw two, you take one shot and when you pick up a draw four card, you take two shots. If you get reversed, you take two shots. The idea of this game is to win so you can tell whoever you want to take three shots.

2. Drunk Charades

  • Things you will need: friends, drinks on standby
  • Break the group up into even teams. All of you write down something to act out, fold it and put it in a bowl. One person from a team acts it out without messing up or their team takes a shot. If they get them right, the other team takes a shot each correct answer in the allotted time.

3. Mini Olympics: Fruit Roll-Up and Spoons

  • Things you will need: Fruit roll-ups, plastic spoons, a deck of cards, drinks
  • Fruit roll-up: Break the group up into even teams. Have one person from each team take a fruit roll-up. Roll the fruit roll-up out— remember to take the paper off. Put one end of the fruit roll up in your mouth and let the rest hang down. Whoever is the fastest to eat the whole fruit roll-up without using their hands, wins.
  • Spoons: Each player should be positioned around a table. Grab a deck of cards that has one set of four of a kind per player in the deck. Place the spoons in the middle of the table for each player minus one. Deal four cards per player. The person passing out cards will be the caller who yells pass. When “pass” is yelled, each person must pass the cards to the left. The person who gets four of a kind the quickest gets a spoon which makes everyone else race to get the remaining spoons. The person who loses must take a shot.

Anna Schultz-Girl And Guy Playing Beer Pong
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

4. Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe Version

  • Things you will need: red solo cups, tape, alcohol
  • Put the tape on the table in a tic tac toe board that is large enough for the cups to fit in each square. The bottom of one cup represents the O. The bottom of the other cup you can put tape on it to form an X. Break the group up into even teams and one player from each team is competing. Turn the cups over so the rims touch the table. The objective is to flip the cup over on the other side and place it in the tic tac toe squares. Your team must get three cups in a row to win the game.

I know all these games may seem basic, but they are so much fun with a little alcohol involved and with a group of friends that you can vibe with. These games can be altered and there are plenty of other games. Spring break is a week-long, just remember to be safe and make the most fun out of the game night. Drink up and do not slip up!

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