Top 6 Halloween Looks To Try This Year

This Halloween, take your costume to the next level with some spooky makeup. This year, I don’t even have a costume; I’m planning on just dressing up with some creative makeup. If you go the makeup route, you get a completely individualized look so you won’t have to worry about twinning with some random person come Oct. 31st. To get some inspiration for your costume, I would recommend going on all your social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) and just searching Halloween makeup. Many of the images that pull up often come with a tutorial or, at the very least, the image will get your inner makeup guru gears turning. I have personally found better and easier looks on Instagram, so here are the top six most ghoulish Halloween makeup looks found on Instagram.

1. IT Pennywise

Because it takes effort to look this good when you live in the fictional town of Derry’s gross sewers. This look was created by makeup guru Chrisspy who also has a tutorial on how to achieve this look. So if you want to be the IT girl or creepy clown this Halloween, this look is for you.

Courtesy: Instagram @chrisspy

2. Ouija 

Are there any spirits present? This look was created by the first male Covergirl, James Charles back in 2016. He also has way over 10 more looks, such as a Playboy bunny, skeleton, slime, bee, stormy weather and so much more. The best part is he has a tutorial for each of these looks on his YouTube page.

Courtesy: Instagram @jamescharles

3. Wonder Woman

The only thing missing is the lasso of truth. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Gina Box created a comic book look that kills. She also has other Halloween looks featured on her Instagram and she lists each product she uses for what in the caption.

Courtesy: Instagram @ohmygeeee

4. Leopard

Straight off the Savanna. While Madison Beer is known more for her voice, her 2016 Halloween look was purr-fect. This serves as a great example of how to take your regular clothes and use makeup to boost your spooktacular look to the next level.

Courtesy: Instagram @madisonbeer

5. Joker from Suicide Squad

The one, the only, puddin’. Viner and Youtuber Tina Woods turned heads with her bright green hair and crazy self-drawn tattoos. Just like Beer, Woods jazzed up her regular clothes with some unique makeup. If you want to try to replicate this look, head on over to her Instagram where she posted more up-close photos of the joker costume.

Courtesy: @tinawoodss

6. Mia Wallace

Girl, you’ll be a woman. Based off the character in Pulp Fiction, Enya Umezoomie shows us that there is more to do with a white shirt costume-wise other than just risky business. She also shows us that sometimes just adding some fake blood to your typical makeup can really add some spice/spook. Our hearts stopped with this look too.

Courtesy: Instagram @en_jajaja