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TikTok’s New Trend: The Draco Malfoy Addiction

I used to pride myself on never having watched any of the Harry Potter movies. It wasn’t until recently that I finally sat down with my boyfriend and watched all eight movies in a week. I did enjoy it, but it wasn’t until I retook the Pottermore quiz and began priding myself on being a Slytherin that I became genuinely obsessed.

If you’re someone who has ever read a book or went to school with other children, you know about the Harry Potter book series written by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first-ever Harry Potter book, was published in 1997 and was followed by six parts of the series. The series was meant for younger children, but as these children grew into young adults, J.K. Rowling’s original intentions had shifted. 

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TikTok, an app used for making short and entertaining videos, has inadvertently paired many different groups of individuals together from those on “alt TikTok” to “straight TikTok.” A recently formed group referred to as “Draco TikTok” has fallen head over heels in love with one of Harry Potter’s antagonists, Draco Malfoy, also known as the actor Tom Felton.

Tom Felton acted in the movie series from the age of 13 until his early twenties. Although today the actor is 32 years old, age doesn’t seem to stop this newfound fan group from fawning over his character in the movie series. 

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Fans of Draco TikTok have even gone so far as picking a scent that they believe Draco Malfoy would smell like based on his personality and scenes throughout the movies. A popular scent recently resurfaced for the Fall called Mahogany Apple, which is exclusively sold at Bath and Body Works. Ever since Draco TikTok decided on a specific smell for the fictional character, the Mahogany Apple scent has been completely sold out for the past three weeks. Other fans have claimed that a certain perfume called ”Sauvage Parfum” by Dior is another representation of Draco’s scent. This, however, isn’t sold out likely due to its high pricing. 

The prevalence of new Etsy shops focused around Hogwarts houses, Slytherin, Draco Malfoy’s house, in particular, has increased. In general, these Harry Potter fans are claiming that everyone is suddenly rekindling their Harry Potter phase around the same time. Even companies like Ulta have used the trend to their advantage when advertising a new line of Harry Potter-inspired beauty items such as lotions and other beauty products.

POV’s, or point of view, videos have become increasingly common on TikTok in general, but especially on Draco Tok. These videos typically include a video creator dressed in Hogwarts apparel and utilizing clips from the Harry Potter movie series featuring Draco Malfoy. 

Shifting, also known as shifting realities, has become increasingly popular and is shared more often by those obsessed with the fictional character. Several methods have been reported, such as the Raven method and the Piano Method. Participants have claimed that shifting realities occurs during sleep or meditation and that you can stay in that reality for a long time, ranging from a few minutes to months. Individuals make scripts to plan out their shifting realities visit and claim to feel pain during their travels.

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Tom Felton, the actor who portrayed Draco Malfoy in the movies, recently joined TikTok and has acknowledged what is now called “Draco TikTok.” Fans have been split between feeling a little nervous and embarrassed or completely ignoring the fact that Draco Malfoy’s actor sees the types of videos they are creating of him. Tom Felton himself has fallen into Draco Tok and even commented on the first video he saw, writing, “First #dracotok video I saw ….”. Personally, I’d probably be embarrassed, but instead, I will stick to just liking all the videos I see instead.

For those interested in Tom Felton past their obsession with Draco Tok, feel free to check out his incredibly adorable singing videos and fan videos on his own TikTok account. He has also made a video as of Sept. 21 with the caption “POV: watching @t22felton react to your #dracotok videos ? #amidoingthisrightyet? #TikTom,” and is so clearly amused. Thank you, Tom, for having such an incredible sense of humor about everyone’s newest obsession!

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Kyla Roginski is a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences at Florida State University. She grew up in New York and recently lived in Panama City Beach, FL. She has a cat named Lydia, a dog named Teddy, loves snickerdoodles, and is obsessed with updating her LinkedIn profile.
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