Things You'll Only Understand If You're From Boca Raton

If you know, you know. Whether you love it or hate it, Boca is not just a place, it’s a lifestyle. And everything you have heard about it is probably true. 


  1. The face people make when you introduce yourself and say you’re from Boca...
  2.  Or how 80 percent of people say, "Oh, my grandparents live there!"
  3. Spending hours at Panera or Whole Foods after school.  
  4. Thinking you were cool as hell for going to FAU parties.
  5. Knowing you cannot “go out” unless you go to the Ave. in Delray, which is quite the Uber away.
  6. Always wondering why someone put a Sears in Town Center there and who actually shops there.
  7. Having to go to the actual Starbucks store because the kiosk line is too long.
  8. Getting dressed up to go to Town Center, mostly in middle school, but you know you wore jeans, wedges and a “nice top”
  9. Freaking out as a kid because you might see Ariana Grande. 
  10. RIP Stir Crazy. 
  11. Seeing all the guys you had a thing for in middle school walking around the Tesla store.
  12. Watching your entire allowance disappear inside Lululemon.
  13. The variety of private school uniforms is like an episode of Gossip Girl times a hundred.
  14. Seeing more dogs in strollers than actual babies.
  15. Seeing twelve-year-olds that look older than’s fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine.
  16. You can valet literally everywhere: I’m looking at you, Publix.
  17. Spending every holiday at a boat party in the middle of Lake Boca.
  18. The real debate: Sloan's vs. Serendipity.
  19. Spending all of your time at the beach for two weeks and then giving up and deciding you hate sand.
  20. Trying to drive down Powerline and knowing you’ll waste half your life in this traffic.
  21. Hearing about a big storm and knowing your neighborhood is about to be under water.
  22. Trying to go somewhere early in the morning and getting stuck behind all of the elderly people.
  23. Trying to go to the beach during snowbird season is Mission Impossible.
  24. Parking in Mizner.
  25. Going to Gumbo Limbo for every field trip and holding the clear jellyfish.
  26. If it wasn’t Gumbo Limbo, it was the Morikami.
  27. Taking all of your homecoming and/or prom pictures at The Oaks.
  28. Knowing that the TJ Maxx and Marshalls have all of the good stuff.
  29. Looking around and realizing there is so much unnecessary landscaping.
  30. Why are there so many fountains? And Ficus bushes?
  31. All the guys that just hang out creepily outside of Shadowwood.
  32. And our good movie theater looks like a palace.
  33. Feeling like the planes going towards the airport are about to crash into you on I-95.
  34. Going to Costco during snowbird season and immediately giving up on everything.
  35. Always having the best “Views” Snapchat story out of all your friends.


All GIFs courtesy of Giphy.