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Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From South Tampa

South Tampa-isms that if you know, you know.

  1. The pure joy of driving on Bayshore while blasting music.
  2. The Neptune Publix is the best Publix.
  3. Getting slightly triggered when people say they are from Tampa when they aren’t (the Greater Tampa Bay Area is NOT Tampa smh).
  4. The birthplace of PDQ.
  5. The last weekend in January doesn’t mean the Super Bowl, it means Gasparilla.
  6. And Gasparilla means partying to celebrate that one time pirates terrorized us.
  7. Ye Mystic Krewe.
  8. Yes, it is completely normal to fill our river with green dye or rubber duckies or Mac N Cheese.
  9. 813 anthem is a true bop.
  10. Farmstore Kevin #iykyk
  11. The unique smell of the Bay.
  12. Never going to the best steakhouse in the country that’s a five-minute drive away.
  13. Seeing the bridge lit up when you are driving home.
  14. Many DIY boutiques.
  15. Brition’s plaza movie theater. . . you either love it or you hate it.
  16. Breaking out all your winter clothes for the three weeks it’s below 70.
  17. So many great free concerts in Curtis Hixon.
  18. Davis Island, a destination for rebellious teens and eno lovers. #DIgang
  19. Lightning capital of the world.
  20. Biztown.
  21. Not batting an eye when someone mentions another hurricane coming at you. #irmawho?
  22. Where people can be seen having a slight identity crisis and becoming what has been coined by Leah Zuberer as “Rolex rednecks”.
  23. Becoming a real adult after riding Shikra.
  24. Hyde Park is the best area.
  25. The HCC building on DI has the best view of the skyline.
  26. Our proudest export is Channing Tatum.
  27. John Cena lives here.
  28. Parking never being available downtown when the Lightning are playing.
  29. Being way too obsessed with the chickens in Ybor.
  30. Sunshine Thrift store.
  31. Having a favorite city Snapchat filter.
  32. Getting pleasantly surprised when the Bucs finally win a game.
  33. South of Gandy.
  34. Driving on South Blvd to see the lights during Christmas.
  35. SOH for great food and going out.
  36. Your Instagram being filled with Oxford Exchange photos.
  37. Getting spoiled with the best food ever (Datz, Daily Eats and Fresh Kitchen) and not knowing how you’ll survive in college without it (Subway. . .?).
  38. The Gandy bridge for sunsets.
  39. Having the ability to choose between what feels like a thousand beaches to go to.
  40. Being able to squad up at any place, especially the library.
  41. Kayaking on Bayshore anytime it floods.
  42. The International and Westshore malls are and continue to be the top middle school hangout place.
  43. The sheer number of SoundCloud rappers and how hard they go.
  44. South Tampa moms.
  45. Everyone is a friend of a friend and knows your whole life story.
  46. Having weirdly intense high school pride and getting into Twitter fights about it.
  47. Seeing half of your school at UT for prom pictures.
  48. Knowing the difference between boom-boom classes and regular.
  49. Having to get rolled out of Kotos after having dinner.
  50. Realizing you have been truly #blessed to have lived in such a great place that’s filled with even greater people.

Courtesy: Vacation Ideas

Media/Communications and Editing, Writing and Media major at FSU. 
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