These New Bars in Tally Are About to Become Your Favorites

Openings of bars all over Tallahassee have the going out crowd more than excited. It seems that my entire Facebook feed is beyond filled with promotions and information on drink specials on various nights and offers of list spots. The point being Tallahassee nightlife has expanded in at least three different bars—Privé, whose soft opening has been very successful, GVO, whose Miami/big city vibe gives way to a higher-end kind of bar and Scratch House, that has yet to open. 

Courtesy: Privé

Privé is located in the former spot of 21V. The place has plenty of space and a jumbo screen for sports and what not. The decor is pretty chill and relaxed although we might miss the snarky “Send Nudes” sign from 21V. There are some other words scattered around for fun photo opportunities. The staff is set on making a good experience. They work well at quickly getting the line moving and serving drinks as far as I could tell. The staff is connected to the other new bar on the block down the road, Bajas, so they know what’s up and they’re ready to rock on College Avenue. The stairs are steep, but Privé is worth the hike. Check it out when you get a chance.

Courtesy: GVO

GVO is a Miami bar moved to Tallahassee. The vibe is so so nice and slightly more upscale than the average Tallahassee bar. While inside, I could have sworn I was in Miami. The outdoor part is no different; it is a very similar style to many outdoor bars located in the 305. The hammocks and lawn chairs created a large amount of seating and fun outdoors. Inside, the funky chairs and decor are ultra cool and trendy. There are multiple cool quotes and art pieces that are very story-worthy if you’re into your Snapchat and Instagram stories. I couldn’t have felt more at home with all the cozy tables and Miami vibe. They’ve been open for a few weeks, but I’m beyond sure they will be the bar that makes Wednesday’s fun again. They definitely have started with a bang, and I’m sure that it’ll continue.

Courtesy: Scratch House

Scratch House is going to be connected to GVO with the same or a similar staff so we can’t wait to go, but a review is yet to come. I for one can’t wait to see what’s in store and continue to expand the places to go out in this town.

The original and trustworthy go-to bars are going to have to make space in the week for all of these fun places, but I don’t think they need to worry, there are seven days in the week for a reason so I’m sure they can work something out. There’s always something to do in Tallahassee now. I hope this gets you in the mood to go out and enjoy all the new places Tally has to offer. Go ahead and get your college fun times on!