Thanksgiving as Told by the Gilmore Girls

Everyone knows that no other show captures the magic and feeling of the fall season quite like Gilmore Girls. It is undoubtedly the most heart-warming seasonal show we all know and love, so what better guidebook to get you through turkey season than the Gilmore ladies themselves? Lorelai and Rory have gotten through just about every tough family situation from awkward questions about boyfriends to constantly asking about how college is going. This holiday season, maneuver your way through the Thanksgiving dinner like a pro by taking some tips from the queens of witty comebacks themselves!

“How’s/Where’s that boyfriend of yours?”



The inevitable question we just can’t escape at every family gathering. It’s like the only thing your family cares to know about you is why you don’t have a boyfriend and if you do, how’s he doing? When was the last time you saw him? When’s the wedding? Take a page from the Lorelai Gilmore handbook and deflect, deflect, deflect! She's the queen of masking the truth behind a witty joke so keep your private life private this Turkey Day by cracking a joke and deflecting.

“How’s college going? What’s your major?”



Ah yes, the classic “and what do you want to do with that major?” question that just seems to come up every 0.5 seconds. At this point, we should just walk around with a name tag including our major and future occupation so we don’t have to answer this question a solid 257 times during dinner. I appreciate the interest in my career and future, but if I’m on break from school the last thing I want to talk about is school! Ask me about my latest Netflix binge - it's much more interesting, I promise. Rory became a pro at presenting her elevator speech, so just practice a concise 30-second summary of your major, future job and dream occupation so you can move on from the topic swiftly!

“You look so thin! Don’t you eat enough?”



If there’s anything we learned from the Gilmore ladies it’s that no matter your age or size, you can put food away if you really try. Their orders from Luke’s were always so incredibly extra but we admire their ability to be transparent about their love for food. It seems like every Thanksgiving, there’s always a family member who calls you out on the amount of food you eat and encourages you to eat more because we apparently aren’t fed in college. This Thanksgiving, enjoy all the food that you want and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it! Eat as much or as little as you want and enjoy that extra slice of pie because you can! It’s time we try the Gilmore girl tradition of having four Thanksgiving dinners so bring on the extra serving of mashed potatoes and mac & cheese, we don’t mind!

“Why don’t you call or visit more often?”


Sometimes your families just don’t seem to understand that college is incredibly busy and time-consuming, and sometimes we end up forgetting to call because the fluorescent lights of Strozier have sucked the souls out of us. As Lorelai would do when her mother Emily called to harass about how she didn’t call her, brush it off and don’t take it personally! Your family just cares and wants to be kept up to date on your (hopefully) flourishing college life. Nothing but love here!

All images courtesy of Giphy.