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Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’ Music Video Was Released, But It Was So Strong

If Taylor Swift could have any super power at all, we’re pretty sure it would be invisibility. This is undoubtedly proven in the long-anticipated “Delicate” music video that Swift bestowed upon her beloved fans, haters and the rest of our unworthy souls last Sunday evening during the iHeartRadio Music Awards following her victory of being named Female Artist of the Year.

Over the years, Taylor Swift has never failed to grant her loyal followers and even naysayers with iconic music videos. From her early contributions like “Our Song,” “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me,” to her later offerings which include “Out of the Woods,” “Blank Space” and “Wildest Dreams,” she has yet to miss the mark. She has followed through once more with “Delicate” by upping her game another notch. 

Courtesy: Popsugar

Lyrically, “Delicate” is once of Taylor’s most eloquent and telling of all of the tracks on her “Reputation” album. The song itself details the journey of Swift falling in love with someone, who we can only assume is her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn, that seems to look past her preceding reputation as a perceived snake in Hollywood’s media. Uncoincidentally, Swift has kept to herself over the months following the release of her latest album, aside from a performance here and there. She has also managed to shield her relationship with Joe Alwyn all but completely from the intrusive spotlight of the media as well.

The “Delicate” music video begins with Swift lethargically sauntering through her everyday life on the red carpet surrounded by screeching fans, prying paparazzi and her suffocating security that, upon further investigation by Swift herself, seem to walk infuriatingly in sync with her. Swift gets handed a suspiciously sparkly note that, once she reads, grants her with complete invisibility after making a few goofy faces in the mirror. 

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The rest of the video shows Taylor running and dancing barefoot down the streets in the pouring rain in her best dress (possibly a nod to her 2008 hit, “Fearless.”) According to Swift’s fans, the “Delicate” music video seems to portray Taylor being content with being unapologetically herself and focusing on herself, despite the outside noise and critique from others. She, quite literally, dances like no one is watching.

Although the music video for “Delicate” is way subtler than the futuristic scene that Taylor created in her “Ready for It” music video, there are still some Easter Eggs to be caught by keen-eyed viewers. For one, “Track 5,” which is the track number for “Delicate” on Swift’s album, can be seen as graffiti written on a pillar behind Swift as she dances through the subway system. Throughout Swift’s journey through the streets, one can even spot “Reputation” and “Echoes of your footsteps” scrawled across walls and garage doors that Swift prances past. “Joe’s Deli,” possibly a shout out to her new beau, appears on a sign in the background and the concierge tablet behind the hotel’s front desk reads “Hotel Delicate.” 

Courtesy: Popsugar

Overall, the “Delicate” music video delivers what the song itself promises. Fans get to see a fun-loving, silly side of Swift that is usually kept well-hidden. The message of self-love and being true to oneself explosively radiates from the “Delicate” music video. 


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