Tallahassee's 8 Best Eats According to FSU Students

We're back with another themed week on the site: Food Week. This semester, Her Campus FSU has created themed weeks dedicated to exclusive content we believe all of our readers should have access to. Keep up on the site for the next few days as we cover everything from the best brunch spots in Tallahassee to a complete recount of what went down when one of our staff writers decided to cook a meal in her dishwasher (yes, it's a thing and yes, she actually tried it). Don't miss out!  

Tallahassee is home to some of the best local restaurants, which makes sense since they have to feed all of the hungry college students. Whether the restaurants look like what you would imagine, or are in a sketchy gas station, they are worth it. We asked Florida State students what their favorite places to eat their hearts out are, and these are the results.

1. Wells Brothers

Wells Brothers may look like a shack on the outside, but inside is home to the best burgers in Tallahassee. The burgers range from having a fried egg on top, to green apple slices with bleu cheese. They even have a burger called, “The Lip Smacker,” that is slathered in peanut butter and served with a side of jelly. Besides having mouthwatering burgers, they have sandwiches, salads, pizzas and much more. 

Courtesy: Trip Advisor

2. Tally Thai

If you love Thai food, or are interested in expanding your food palette, Tally Thai is the place for you. They have classics like edamame, miso soup, fried rice and pad Thai. This place is also a sushi lover’s dream. The list of rolls goes on and on, from California to Caribbean. Whether you want to sit down and eat, or just order sushi real quick, Tally Thai is the way to go.

Courtesy: Trip Advisor

3. The Joint

The Joint is one of the new restaurants in Tallahassee located right on Tennessee Street. They are already proving themselves as a local Tallahassee favorite. They cook breakfast all day long, so if you want breakfast for dinner then this is where you need to be. Besides that, they serve delicious burgers and one of the best things to go with a juicy burger, cold beer.

Courtesy: Yelp

4. The Bada Bean

The Bada Bean prides themselves in having health-conscious items that are oh so tasty. They serve morning eats, from healthy starts to the morning to cinnamon roll pancakes. They also serve sandwiches, soups and salads. What makes this place even better is the selection of coffee and tea that they have as well. This place is a must see restaurant in Tallahassee that will keep you coming back for more.

Courtesy: Foodio 54

5. Gordos

In the mood for the best Cuban food in Tallahassee? Gordos is what you want. They have the best Cuban sandwiches and pressed sandwiches in general. The Media Noche is a Tallahassee favorite; a Cuban sandwich served on sweet bread. Besides that, they have awesome Cuban meals like picadillo and palomilla, plus the best yuka ever. They also have a drink called the “Gordo Smash,” which is their classic rum punch that is delicious, but not something to casually sip on. 

Courtesy: Tallahassee Magazine

6. Woodchuck’s Café

Woodchuck’s Café may be a nerve wracking place to walk into considering it is inside a gas station, but they have the best breakfast, served until 3 p.m. They have some of the best, and not overpriced, food in Tallahassee. They serve every single breakfast item you have ever wanted, from stuffed French toast to all kinds of omelets. Besides serving breakfast, they also serve just as an amazing lunch. 

Courtesy: Yelp

7. Bella Bella

Want to take a trip to Italy without the cost? Bella Bella will take your stomach there. This classic Italian restaurant serves the best Italian in Tallahassee. They have everything from Fettuccine Alfredo to Sicilian Lasagna. They also serve both lunch and dinner. The restaurant is a quaint place that gives the romantic feel of actually being in Italy. 

Courtesy: FSU News

8. Sweet Pea Cafe

Besides being the cutest little café you have ever seen, Sweet Pea Café is completely vegan, local and organic. Vegan may sound scary, but everything on the menu is absolutely delicious, and will make you forget that you are even eating vegan. They have a variety of sandwiches and salads like the, “Falawesome,” which is made with house made falafel. What makes this place even sweeter is their fresh baked goods. 

Courtesy: Sweet Pea Cafe