Tallahassee Greek Food Festival Is Coming!

Are you looking for an amazing opportunity to not only eat amazing food but also to learn about a new culture at the same time? Look no further than the Tallahassee Greek Food Festival!

When: October 18 and 19 (10 am-10 pm)

Where: 1645 Phillips Rd Tallahassee, FL 32308

Free Admission

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When you want to learn about a different culture, the best place to start is with their food. Not only do you learn about a history that a nation holds dear but you can even begin to learn traditions that a family holds for themselves.

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The event focuses on homemade dishes that have been passed down through personal family history and that is a love no one can replicate. Come down and enjoy dishes such as mezze, pastichio, gyros, souvlaki, baklava and much more. There will also be a selection of beer and wine, along with a frothed iced coffee to cool down with.

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Along with food, there will be dancing with traditional Greek-style music and bands along with performances by the church’s dancers. They will be performing historic dances, like the Kalamatianos, one of the most popular folk dances in Greek culture featuring a group dance with energetic and joyful choreography and the Zorba.

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The Zorba originates from the syrtaki dances which were a collection of folk dances pieced together to create a mixture of various speeds and styles. The name itself came from a movie called Zorba the Great, which was filmed in 1964, that popularized the new name and music type.

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Much like the historic market center, both ancient and modern Agora, Greece, the festival will be showing off its own taste of Agora. The market will have all kinds of vendors selling art, jewelry, clothing and other various crafts and décor options. A fun part of the Agora culture, that most Americans don’t get the chance to do, is barter!

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On top of all the sights to see and food to eat, the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church will be hosting a food drive and is again partnering with the Second Harvest of the Big Bend to collect canned goods or other non-perishable foods. All money or food will go directly to families in need.

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So have fun, relax and even get to learn a little about a culture you may have never known!

For more information about the festival visit Tallahassee Greek Food Fest.

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