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Take a Trip to “The Dark Side of the Moon”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The city of Tallahassee is filled with countless bars, restaurants, cafés and shops. With all kinds of options for weekend hangouts, it may seem like feeling bored is impossible. However, if you somehow stumble upon a bare weekend or feel like your usual hangout spots are getting dull, go check out the weekend Pink Floyd shows at the Tallahassee Challenger Learning Center.

Every weekend in September The Challenger Learning Center is featuring cinematic editions of various Pink Floyd albums, specifically The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, and Wish You Were Here. These shows, which are held in The Challenger Learning Center’s planetarium, are animated masterpieces filled with color and life that sync perfectly with the auditory experience of the music. The dome-like structure of the planetarium adds even more to the experience by making it feel as though you are completely immersed in the world of Pink Floyd as graphics and animations shoot up, down, and across the room. Show attendees will find themselves launched into in the quirky, conceptual world of the respective Pink Floyd album they purchase tickets for.

Birthed in London in 1965, Pink Floyd became well-known as a revolutionary psychedelic rock band.  They have since been widely recognized for their musical experimentation with extended compositions and unique live performances. The band skyrocketed in the early ‘70s as they became a symbol of counterculture and social uprising. Most socially relevant are their lyrics which deal with the common themes of alienation, war, disillusionment, exploitation and oppression. With such a cult following, their music and other adventures in film and art have lived on through the years without any visible decline in popularity. The current shows at The Challenger Learning Center prove just how important and culturally iconic Pink Floyd has been in both the American music landscape and abroad.

Located downtown near the capitol building, the Challenger Learning Center is easily accessible to all Florida State students via walking, biking or driving. Not to mention, the ticket prices are insanely cheap! With valid student identification, tickets only cost $4.75. For a fun weekend that is easy on the wallet, these shows are worth checking out. The trailer for The Dark Side of the Moon can be previewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI6fWi5Td6M.

Even if the Pink Floyd shows do not strike your fancy, The Challenger Learning Center has many other experiences to offer at affordable prices, making it a great place to explore. In their IMAX theater, anyone can relax or seek out some excitement by going to see popular films in high definition 3D.  This month, the theater is putting on display both Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and the upcoming film Ad Astra which features Brad Pitt. The planetarium also offers astrological shows and educational films about space. All that the Challenger Learning Center has to offer can be found at https://www.challengertlh.com/.

So, if you find yourself itching for something to do or are just a big fan of Pink Floyd, gather yourself or a group of friends and go check out the Challenger Learning Center. Pink Floyd shows premiered in late August and will be continuing throughout September. All showtimes can be found at https://www.challengertlh.com/showtimes/ and tickets can be purchased in person or by phone (850) 645-7796.

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