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Swatch Magazine Releases Spring 2014 Issue

Swatch is a fashion publication here at Florida State University. Each semester Swatch releases a magazine filled with all things fashion. The magazine originated in 2008, fully run by students. Their mission? “To share with college students the most current and relevant trends every season in fashion, lifestyle, and local culture.” On top of a fully printed magazine, Swatch has a daily updated blog where you can find information on the latest trends. You can peek at it here.

I was able to attend Swatch Magazine’s Spring 2014 release party so I got to snag a copy of this semester’s go-to magazine. The event was held at Madison Social, a restaurant/bar in College Town. I decided to get there early to be one of the first people to get the magazine and goodie bag for the first 50 people who came. Inside this goodie bag were coupons from local boutiques, including a chocolate store! Almost everyone who was involved with the magazine was there. I spoke to someone on the PR team, a writer, an editor, and a couple of models. It was a very social event so many people were mingling and drinking. When I was handed my copy of the magazine I was very impressed. Just looking at the cover I knew this was going to be an extremely professional magazine. This issue of Swatch discusses current fashion trends, designers to look out for, style icons, and “how to” articles. It also includes extensive spreads, where students were the models, stylists, and make-up artists. When I was skimming though this issue it was hard for me to believe that this is a student-run magazine. Everything in this magazine, including the beautiful formatting, makes this issue look like it belongs in stores.

The article “Swatch Watch: Brunch” discusses brunch gems in Tallahassee. I like that Swatch wrote about this particular topic because I’m usually scrambling to find a good place to eat brunch on a Sunday afternoon. I even learned that there are places that serve brunch that normally serve dinner. There is also an article about trending books, music, movies and television shows. Including articles like these make this magazine have a better-rounded feel. Speaking of local culture, many local stores and boutiques allow Swatch to feature their products. Some of which include Fab’rik and Reef Boutique. I think it’s really great that this magazine combines local fashion and culture.

If you are a student looking for style tips or something to do in Tallahassee, you should definitely pick up this issue. Can’t get your hands on a hard copy? No worries, you can get a digital copy! I like this idea not only because it’s saving some trees, but you can also bring it everywhere. Save it on your phone to read in-between classes or on the bus home. You can even find it on their Facebook.

This issue of Swatch Magazine is bittersweet because this is the last publication for the Editor-in-chief’s. The letter from the editors was a farewell to Swatch and their hopes for the future of the magazine. On behalf of Her Campus FSU, I want to wish the editors luck in their future endeavors and thank you for what you have done for the fashion community here at Florida State. This brings in a new era for the magazine and I hope the new editors can keep up the good work by adding new things to this wonderful publication. I am truly looking forward to next semester’s issue! 

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