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Superhero Fans and Their Favorites: The Return of Arrow and More

For those of you who are into hunky guys that save the world in tight pants, look no further because you are in luck. The CW network’s favorite superheroes are back and ready for action, with last week’s return of The Flash and Arrow.

The superhero lineup came out of the gate running with Tuesday’s premiere of fan favorite, The Flash. Taking a quick look back on last season, we remember a distraught Barry Allen, desperate to find some semblance of happiness after the loss of yet another parent. Drowning in grief, he makes the unthinkable decision to go back in time and save his mother, changing the course of history as we know it. Last week’s season premiere gave us a glimpse into this new reality in which Barry now has both of his parents, Wally is the Flash, Iris and Joe are not on speaking terms and Cisco is actually the big man of Central City… who would have thought? Regardless of all of this chaos, Barry is happy and if we know anything about television, this will not last for long.

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Poor Barry Allen made it through half of the episode before his world came crashing down. With the fate of The Flash, his loved ones and reality as he knows it hanging in the balance, Barry is forced to work with The Reverse Flash (that’s right, he’s back) to return things to the way that they were, dead parents and all (sheds tear). While The Flash may have been able to undo his actions, he won’t get off that easily. Tune in Tuesdays at 8 pm to see how the people of Central City handle the consequences of his actions and take down what seems to be the new enemy, Doctor Alchemy.

Wednesday night also saw the return of DC comics’ hero Arrow. The man in the hood is back for his fifth season and this time he is lacking some team members. With Thea and Diggle hanging up their suits and Laurel gone for good, Oliver is able to get back to his season one roots. Not to mention that he is killing again. Who would have thought that Malcom Merlin would have been the one to convince him that he must go to greater lengths to protect the ones he loves? Gone are the days of the boring fight scenes we saw episode after episode in season four. Last week’s season premiere brought a glimmer of hope for the exciting Arrow we’ve missed so much. With the prospects of a new team for Oliver to train and a new enemy fans are already dubbing as the “Zoom Arrow,” the CW promises to deliver an action-packed season five.

Courtesy: Screen Rant

If superheroes are your thing, don’t stop with The Flash and Arrow. Be sure to check out this week’s premieres of Supergirl (Monday, Oct. 10) and Legends of Tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 13) on The CW!

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