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 It’s that time of year again: Yummy snacks, time with friends and of course, a great game of football. NFL fans are super excited that this year’s matchup will be the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. 

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Before we get into details and predictions of this amazing faceoff, let’s recap the conference championship wins along with the Pro Bowl. 

The Pro Bowl was just last weekend and although it doesn’t relate directly to the Super Bowl, it was great to see all of these incredibly talented players come together from different teams to put on quite an entertaining game. The AFC roster consisted of iconic players such as D.J. Chark, Travis Kelce, Jarvis Landry, Josh Allen, Nick Chubb and Lamar Jackson. On the opposing side, the NFC roster consisted of talented players like Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Zach Ertz, Ezekiel Elliot, Christian McCaffrey and Drew Brees. Just listing these names alone gets me excited! This game was impressive from all angles of the field. The AFC took the W, but only by 5 points, leaving the final score to be 38-33. Between insane yardage by Brees, crazy interceptions from both teams, hilarious backwards passes and a beautiful touchdown celebration in honor of Kobe Bryant, this game was a must-see! 

Going into the conference championship, we were surprised to see the Tennessee Titans rather than the Baltimore Ravens going against the Chiefs. With no surprise, the Chiefs were able to secure their spot at the Super Bowl, finishing the game with a final score of 35-24. The 49ers also swept the field, ending the game with a 17-point lead. This game ended 37-20, leaving the Green Bay Packers at a hard loss. Both teams that are heading to the Super Bowl are ready to win. 

Now let’s get into predictions! We can’t start without mentioning the Chiefs’ excitement to have the chance to help their Head Coach Andy Reid secure his first ring. A 50 or so year gap since they’ve last been to the Super Bowl, the Chiefs are definitely going to come in hot. This team arguably has the best current Quarterback in the NFL and fame won’t be going to Patrick Mahomes head. At the same time, the 49ers defense will not hesitate to put as much pressure as they can on their offense, as they are one of the strongest defensive teams in the league. Many people are between Jimmy Garapollo and Patrick Mahomes for whom they believe will be this year’s MVP, as both Quarterbacks have impressed us all through the season, but especially in the playoffs. If not for their supporting players though, these teams would not be where they are today. Personally, I think that it will be an incredibly close game. I think that it will be a toss-up for sure; it comes down to who comes in on Sunday with the right attitude, the right mindset and overall a great team connection. I was back and forth with who I thought was going to win and by how much, but after much thought, I have landed on the following: 49ers: 34, Chiefs: 26. It’s hard to pass up the Chiefs for this one, but I truly think that it could go either way because of how strong both teams offense and defense are. What do you guys think? 

It’s sad that this NFL season is coming to a close, but I’ll be back next season for more!

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