Sun and Moon: First Ever Tallahassee Hostel Opens

On Jan. 12, Lauren Sullivan, an ambitious 21-year-old Florida State University alumna opened the doors to the first ever Tallahassee hostel, Sun and Moon! For those of you who have never stayed in one, a hostel is a communal style living space that can be found all around the world and caters to travelers looking for affordable lodging that promotes connecting globetrotters.  “I love seeing the world and wanted people to have the opportunity to see Tally for what it is,” stated Sullivan in our chat when I visited Sun and Moon. Immediately upon entering the quaint home located right off Pensacola Street, I was greeted by the adorable housedog, Gracie, and charmed by the warm and cozy atmosphere. Sullivan had completely transformed her home into a welcoming space for travelers.

 Sullivan has been an avid traveler for many years and has called many hostels home during her ventures. She got the idea to start her own immediately after graduation. She expressed that there is so much more to Tallahassee than just the college scene itself. Between the hidden sinkholes, plentiful hiking trails, historic buildings, craft beer scene and so much more, there’s a lot of reasons to visit Tallahassee. After only being open for several weeks, Sun and Moon has already housed an eclectic bunch of guests ranging from traveling nurses to road trippers to political activists to rugby players. Sullivan has been doing everything possible to make her residents feel right at home while getting an authentic Tallahassee experience. She has taken her guests on group excursions to places including Providence Canyon and has daily teatime in the mornings, encouraging her tenants to get out and meet one another.

One of the most incredible parts about Sun and Moon is that nothing but pure girl-power is accredited for its establishment and construction. Sullivan herself did all of the handy work that went into making this hostel possible. This includes putting in new wood floors, constructing bunk beds, taking out walls, and making new additions so that her clients enjoy the most comfortable stay possible. Aside from the physical labor, Sullivan has also jumped over numerous business and financial hurdles to make this happen. Being fresh out of college, starting your own business can be a daunting and extremely challenging feat—especially when you’re doing it on your own. Nevertheless, through diligence and hard work, Sullivan made it happen and has shown us all that you really can make your dreams a reality. Sullivan has aspirations to open a hostel in every continent, however, she stated that Tallahassee will always be home base.

If you’re interested in Sun and Moon and would like to learn more, be sure to check out the Facebook page for more information. Sun and Moon is also anticipating an open house on Feb. 17, so be sure to come out and see this awesome and upcoming independent business for yourself! This just may be the new go-to for your guests visiting from out of town.

All photos courtesy of Sun and Moon.