Students Stay Standing by the 'Noles This Season

FSU football is currently 1 - 2. The ‘Noles have beat Samford but have lost against Virginia Tech and Syracuse. Currently, the team is ranked 76 out of 130, according to Athlon Sports. This season has been upsetting for many Seminole fans who expected this football season to be drastically different under Taggart’s new coaching. Despite this, fans are staying hopeful and positive about what the future holds for the team.

The ‘Noles began the season ranked at 19, according to Bleacher Report. Fans predicted that the Virginia Tech game would be an easy win but were shocked when the ‘Noles lost by 21 points. “I definitely am disappointed with how the season has gone so far. Like everyone, I think we all expected for it to go incredibly,” says student Gabi Lirio. “I think that the team is getting used to playing together. Having a new coach with a very young team calls for a period of time to get used to each other. But we’re still the best school ever! Go ‘Noles!”

Instead of wallowing in the disappointment felt from the first game, students are choosing to look at the positives and remain optimistic about the football team and season ahead. Student Sean Flynn is one of these optimistic students. “FSU fans are so passionate and hopeful. It’s going to take some time and a lot of hard work, but like most things in life, it gets worse before it gets better. With each year comes more opportunities, so it is definitely possible to be national champions soon again,” Flynn says. This sentiment represents the feelings of many. Even future FSU football commit Nick Cross shared this photo on Twitter:

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“I think the ‘Noles had a bit of a rough start to the season, but we all need to remember that this is a big transition period for them and Taggart needs time to develop a coaching technique unique to our team,” says student Katelyn Gaztambide.

“Saturday’s game is going to be a tight game. I think we should win, but we should improve the protection for Francois.” says student Matt Dailey. Coach Taggart seems to agree, as he explained "I think our guys are in the right mind frame right now. Our guys want to get [the offensive line] corrected. They are committed to getting it corrected. They know it starts in practice. Practice like we want to win ballgames," Taggart told 247 Sports. It is easy to see that Seminole students and fans alike refuse to give up on this football team and have high hopes for what’s to come both short and long-term.

Only three games have been played so far in the 2018 season, and 247 Sports has reported that FSU has one of the top ten recruiting classes for the 2019 football season, so maybe patience and positivity is just what the team needs. Student Rosalie Morrissey states that “FSU is a school that has always taken pride in their football team, so no reason to give up now. Plus no one likes a fake fan, right?”

Courtesy: Florida State University News