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Student Government Association Election Results at FSU

The Amplify Movement party and the new Progress Florida State University party went head-to-head this past week with undergraduate Student Government Association (SGA) elections in the Student Senate. Amid controversy over the summer with the Student Senate Presidents and the new Progress FSU party, this election was one to watch. Although many seats went unopposed for both parties, this was an important election for the newly formed Progress FSU who campaigned over social media, releasing their platform over the course of one week on their Facebook page. The Amplify Movement party has already been established on and around campus, having swept the fall 2019 elections.

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Here are the unofficial results with an asterisk meaning the seat was unopposed, “A” representing the Amplify Movement, “P” representing Progress FSU, and “I” representing Independent.

Campus Recreation Board

Victoria Talbert (A)

Alyssa D’Amelio (P)

Georgina Patient (A)

Helen Smith (A)

Denver Zupan (A)

PJ Mougey (A)

Adam Stiefel (A)

Student Senate

Arts and Sciences

Seat 1 Dani Murcia (P)*

Seat 3 Joshua Flashman (P)*

Seat 5 Nate Tackett (P)*

Seat 7 Tyler Roy (P)

Seat 9 Ryan Villacorta (P)

Seat 11 Jonathan Marcus (P)


Seat 1 Cassidy Bergen (A)

Seat 3 Nolan Rudolph (A)*

Seat 5 Jackson Destine (A)*

Seat 7 Lioz Grunberger (A)*

Communication and Information

Seat 1 Chance Preshia (P)

Seat 3 Jason Randall (A)*

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Seat 1 Benjamin Stults (P)*

Seat 3 Brooke Arutt (P)*


Seat 1 Luke Nasworthy (P)*

Seat 3 Gustavo Molina (A)

Fine Arts

Seat 1 Catherine Lessard (P)*

Human Sciences

Seat 1 Tatianna R Duperier (A)*

Seat 3 Angie Rodriguez (P)*


Seat 1 Liam Fineout (P)*

Motion Picture Arts

Seat 1 Liam Fineout (P)*


Seat 1 Ash Soto (P)*

Social Sciences and Public Policy

Seat 1 Mia Lewis (A) Seat 3 Alexander Harmon (A)

Seat 5 Vanessa Ramos (P)

Social Work

Seat 1 Sasha Martin (A)*

Undergraduate Studies

Seat 1 Nimna Gabadge (A)

Seat 3 Anna Grace Reed (A)

Seat 5 Maddie Moore (I)

Seat 7 Bruce Suarez (A)

Seat 9 Sarah Nemeth (A)

Seat 11 Katie Russel (A)

Seat 13 Jack Hitchcock (A)

Seat 15 Henry Melian (A)

Seat 17 Brooke Murray (A)

Seat 19 Olivia West (A)

Seat 21 Daniel Rivera (A)

Seat 23 Ryan Thrope (A)

Seat 25 Katie Hitchcock (A)

Congress of Graduate Students

Arts and Sciences

Seat 3 Jean Francois Cheuwa (I)*

Seat 9 Tiffani Mendez (I)*

Disabilities Advocate

Seat 1 Sara Collins (I)*


Seat 1 Michael Morgan (I)*

Fine Arts

Seat 1 Hannah B. Smith (I)*

Human Sciences

Seat 1 Oluwatoyin Sangokunle (I)*


Seat 1 Abby Brinkman (I)*

Seat 2 Kayla Sizemore (I)*


Seat 1 Robert Creigh (I)*

Seat 2 Alaba Ilesanmi (I)*

LGBTQ+ Advocate

Seat 1 Morgan Hirsch (I)*

Prior to this election, the Torchlight Campus Policy Center hosted a debate between the two parties to help the student body make decisions about the elections. In this debate, the party representatives helped answer questions about their party’s platform and how each party will address issues relevant to the student body like Black Lives Matter and minority representation.

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Brenna Miller is a Woodwind Performance and Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University. She loves reading, writing, and, of course, playing the flute.
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