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Stephanie Cooper: Dancing Her Way Through Her College Years

Meet Stephanie Cooper, a senior here at Florida State University and one of the sweetest girls I got to know during my time here at Florida State. She’s not on the scene much, but her personality is beyond amazing, making her a campus celebrity in her own right. If you ever see her on campus, be sure to give her a wave and smile—she will gladly return a smile back!

Her Campus (HC): Hey Stephanie, so tell me a little bit about yourself.

Stephanie Cooper (SC): Ok so I’m 21 year old senior, majoring in Criminology and a minor in Public Administration. I’m from Miami, FL and let me just say that I am an Aries—just to throw that out there. Let’s see… I love to dance and am currently a member of Mahogany Dance Theatre.

HC: Dancing?! That actually is one of my favorite passions as well. What got you into dancing?

SC: Well, my mom was a Dolphins cheerleader in the 90’s and my cousin was a Miami Heat Dancer so just from knowing that and seeing it, I knew I wanted to be just like them and dance too.

HC: That’s really cool! What would you say are your favorite styles of dance?

SC: I’ve danced Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, and dibble dabbled in ballet but honestly I am not a big fan. I love me some hot jazz though. I always wanted to learn how to tap dance, just like my mom, but the opportunity never presented itself.

HC: One day I say you just go for it, hey you’re never too old to learn something new! But moving along into other things, what would you say is your dream job or biggest aspiration?

SC: I really wanted to be a Miami Heat dancer, but I felt like after school I should get started with my career. With that being said, I want to work with Homeland Security, being an agent with Narcotics.

HC: What’s an interesting fact about you?

SC: I’m not sure if this is exactly interesting, but Florida State was the only school I applied to.

HC: Wow! If you didn’t get into FSU, what would have been your backup?

SC: To simply dance. Audition for Miami Heat and rock it out back home.

HC: If you could have dinner with any celebrity who would it be and why?

SC: Of course Beyoncé because Beyoncé is simply Beyoncé. Wait… on second thought, Blue Ivy. I know it sounds crazy but I really want to know how it feels to be the daughter of a superstar. Don’t judge me.

HC: What is one thing you have learned since being a student at here at Florida State?

SC: If anything, I have learned that it is important to be involved and meet new people. Oh yeah, and go to the football game games because it is actually a great experience. My first game was literally the Notre Dame game last weekend, and yes I know, I am a senior.

HC: Thank you so much for the Interview gorgeous!

Kiandra Brooks, originally from Miami, FL is a senior at Florida State with a passion for all things artsy and fashion. Majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Communications, she has big aspirations to move to a big city and flourish as a magazine journalist and dancer. When she’s not editing her works, she is dancing her life away at the studio. Kiandra loves a good book in her free time and is beyond excited to see what this last year has in store for her. This girl is always up for a good time, just be sure to bring some Chipotle along. Oh yeah, just hold the guacamole. 
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