Starbucks' 2018 Valentine's Day Releases

Courtesy: Starbucks Newsroom

With February right around the corner, everyone’s favorite coffee establishment is gearing up for this Valentine’s Day! Coffee lovers, you’re going to want to hear this.

Each year, Starbucks is known for releasing a temporary collection of love-themed beverages and treats to share with their more festive customers. Typically, we can expect these products to include lots of strawberry flavoring, pink icing, and chocolate garnishes—yum! So far, the glimpses we’ve had into the not-yet-released V-day menu have appeared consistent with these expectations.

Courtesy: Starbucks Newsroom

What’s out Now:

Although you can’t get your hands on the highly-anticipated 2018 Valentine’s Day Starbucks release yet, there are a few items that have popped up on the menu that have us seeing hearts.

If you're looking for a sweet drink that will make you fall in love, try out the strawberries & crème frappuccino. This blended beverage features the perfect combination of sweet berries and decadent whipped cream.

You may also consider complimenting your frappuccino with a strawberry cake pop. Not only are Starbucks' cake pops iconic for their delicious sugary flavor, but they also come decorated insanely cute. This pop, adorned with faux strawberry seeds and a happy face, is no exception to our expectations.

Finally, if strawberry isn’t quite your speed, you’ll most definitely love the raspberry whoopie pie! This chocolatey classic is paired with a fun raspberry flair to help achieve an indulgent, fruity masterpiece. Are you as love-struck with this dessert as we are?

What to Expect:

So, when can us “coffeeholics” expect the official V-day collection to drop? Well, if the company’s previous releases are any indicator of their future behavior, we can anticipate the official launch to be sometime during the second week of February.

If you’re looking for a sneak-peak, here are some of the Starbucks’s 2017 Valentine’s Day fan favorites:

First off, we have the molten chocolate trio. This beverage trinity is perfect for any chocolate enthusiast looking to celebrate the season with a quadruple-chocolate induced sugar rush. Composed of the molten chocolate latte, molten chocolate frappuccino and molten hot chocolate, we have our fingers crossed that this one will be back and better than ever in 2018.

Next off, in the way of treats, the 2017 collection featured some adorable heart-shaped sugar cookies adorned with the traditional “XOXO” pattern. The tasteless may call it plain, but we call it classic. Courtesy: Starbucks Newsroom

Finally, if you’re a die-hard cake pop gal, we sincerely hope you didn't miss last year’s confetti-heart cake pops (yes, you read that correctly). Although the cake itself is Starbucks' classic chocolate, the addition of the cutesy heart sprinkles makes it an essential for this holiday. If this tasty treat makes a reappearance in February of this years, our hearts will skip a beat for sure.

Overall, whether you’re treating yourself or your valentine this February, be sure to stop by your local Starbucks and feel the love with a festive and well-deserved pick-me-up.