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For my 2019 Spring Break, I decided to take on a little challenge: the Disney Bound Challenge, which occurs during the whole month of March. Disneybounders take on the task to go all out each day with outfits that correspond to a Disney movie given each day. For my mini-challenge, I chose 5 days out of my Spring Break to try Disneybounding out!

***Disclaimer: I decided to do this “challenge” AFTER I packed my bags, so I definitely had to borrow some of my sister’s and even mom’s clothes to make it work.***

You might be thinking, “What is Disneybounding?” Disneybounding is a challenge where you pick any Disney character and inspire your everyday outfits using them as an example.

Courtesy: Instagram @thedisneybound

There’s a whole Disneybounding community online that will show you how far they have gone. From casual outfits to full-out evening wear, this was a super fun challenge to take on. 

Courtesy: Instagram @thedisneybound and @savydoesdisney

Courtesy: Instagram @thedisneybound and @van_kelsing


Courtesy: Instagram @thedisneybound and @karinpirate


From Mar. 17- 21, I played around with the characters and used A LOT of artistic freedom in these. Enjoy!

Mar. 17, 2019: Characters Who Wear/Are Green (Incredible Hulk)

Courtesy: Maria Paula Fajardo

I paired my olive-green halter top with some ripped denim shorts to go walking around the old city in Cartagena. Not only did I need outfits that were cute and true to character, I also needed outfits that would fit my daily activities (which included a lot of walking this day specifically). 

Mar. 18, 2019: Sidekicks (Flounder from The Little Mermaid)

Courtesy: Maria Paula Fajardo

After watching many Youtube videos about “how to Disneybound,” I learned that there are no rules and that thrift stores are your best friends. I got these shorts for $3.95 at my local Goodwill, the one on Pensacola for my local FSU students, and I borrowed this Express tank top from my mom. I paired the outfit with some comfortable Croc wedged sandals (10/10 would recommend). I put half of my hair up in a fishtail braid and my outfit was complete.

Mar. 19, 2019: Mary Poppins Returns (Michael Banks)

Courtesy: Maria Paula Fajardo

This was extremely tricky since I was on a bus for a total of 8 hours to travel to and from Playa Crystal in Santa Marta. I was planning to lay out on the beach all day so I picked a character that matched my swimsuit. And considering how burnt I got, I lowkey started to incorporate his burgundy tie in my outfit (lol).

March. 20, 2019: Spring Trends (Rapunzel from Tangled)

Courtesy: Maria Paula Fajardo

For this day I used a pastel Fashion Nova dress (thanks to my older sister) to incorporate a Spring color scheme. I paired it with some nice rose heels and I copied her signature flower braid.

Mar. 21, 2019: Kim Possible (Kim Possible) 

Courtesy: Maria Paula Fajardo

My last day was also a beach day. Imitating her most popular outfit, because we all know homegirl was a fashion icon, I paired my olive-green shorts with a black tank. And with my puffy hair all over the place, it was a look. Simple yet practical.

Overall thoughts: As I stated before, I highly enjoyed this. I was thinking that if I could create all these outfits with the clothing items I had in one suitcase, with some exceptions, imagine what I could do with my entire closet! If you got to the end of this and want to find out more, check out a YouTube video by Disney Style that includes three Disney Bounders who bound in New York.



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