Sorry, Deadpool Fans — The Animated Series Gets Canceled Before Production Begins

If you were looking forward to the debut of the Deadpool animation show series, all your anticipation, like mine, was met with disappointment this past weekend after finding out news of the show’s cancelation before it even started. Who is to blame for this tragedy? Accusations towards Marvel, Donald Glover, FOX productions and entertainment television in general cloud your mind, unsure of who would possibly think to cancel a show that so many had hopes of watching.

Last week, the devastating news reported that FX Productions, Glover and his producing partner and brother, Stephen Glover would no longer be working with Marvel on the series. The network statement from FX claimed "creative differences" as the reason for the retreat but isn’t that always the reason for every good thing that gets canceled? Something was fishy and fans needed answers.

Donald Glover was quick to clear his name. He took to Twitter (now deleted) to express that though he may be a very busy guy (a musician, actor, producer, writer etc.)—not to mention a winner of the Best Series-Musical or Comedy for Atlanta, he was never too busy to complete his work on Deadpool

‘For the record: I wasn’t too busy to work on Deadpool.’

— Donald (@donaldglover) March 28, 2018

Courtesy: Entertainment Tonight

Many of us may be familiar with the creative mind of Donald Glover. Whether it be through music or drama, he is known for his outspoken, yet subliminal genius that he exhibits through his multi-forms of art. No surprise that he did not quietly walk away from the topic of Deadpool being canceled. Often times when these things happen, a public statement of cancelation is given and people mourn until the thought fades into oblivion and no one speaks of it again—not Glover. Not only did he have time for Deadpool, he had time to leak parts of his contribution to the script that now, will never be produced.

“Do you think they canceled the show ... cause of racism?! Yeah but all the writers were black. And the references were pretty black too …” the script reads. “Maybe we were alienating our white audience? No. We did a whole goat yoga episode. Damn.”

The show also satirically brushed on sensitive topics outside of contemporary Marvel discussions such as gun violence, racism and injustice. All of which are necessary to be heard at a time like this.

Given the recent current events that make subjects like gun violence and injustice so relevant, it’s even a greater disappointment that the show was canceled after building up so much excitement for it. It’s like taking candy from a baby—except, we never got the candy in the first place.

“You know, I’m not mad about this whole ‘canceled’ thing,” the script continues as Deadpool says, “I mean, is it even a good time to have a violent, gun-loving white man ranting on TV? Other than the PRESIDENT?”

Thanks to Glover’s unexpected case of ‘Twitter fingers’ we were given some insight on what otherwise would not have ever been disclosed by FOX or any other party.

Courtesy: Giphy

Glover insinuates that his content may have been ‘a lil’ too much for Marvel [and] just a little too R-rated for its platform.’

Unfortunately, the media and fans of Deadpool suffer this loss as well as FOX and Marvel with a missed opportunity to work with the Donald Glover on this project. No L’s taken on Glover’s end, though. Still a busy man, he currently is working on his star role in season 2 of his FX series, Atlanta. He plays Lando in “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and will be voicing Simba in the upcoming 2019 live-action Lion King film.

So, have no fear, despite the fact that Glover’s unfiltered creativity won’t be present in Deadpool, it will be ever present in the other art forms that he has to offer.

Courtesy: Variety