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Skin Care Essentials You Need This Winter

Cold season is approaching us ladies! Well, temperatures dropping below 70 means “cold” to us Floridian gals. As much as we love when the air gets cooler, giving us an excuse to take out those oversized sweaters and boots we’ve been long waiting for, it’s vital that we remember to update our skincare routine as well.

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With cooler weather creeping up on us, our skin is about become dry, cracked and dull, especially when we put our car heaters on blast and take steaming hot showers. But have no fear, here are a few things to ensure that your skin is flawless and glowing! We should all know that it’s important to cleanse and hydrate our skin, but I have some recommendations that’ll combat “winter skin.”


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It’s important that you find the right products for your type of skin. As someone who has a combination of both oily and dry skin, finding skin care products that don’t overly moisturize and dry out my skin in certain areas can be difficult at times. But through trial and error, I’ve found a cleanser that has changed my life this season, Philosophy’s Purity. If you’re looking for a cleanser gentle enough to use every day without stripping moisture, try this bad boy. You won't be disappointed. Not only does it remove makeup and dirt, but it leaves your skin with a hydrated glow.



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Making sure we exfoliate dead dry skin is important. Cleaning your pores and using a scrub or cleansing brush can make all the difference in your skin this season. The Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask is both a face mask and exfoliating wash, perfect for the winter! The charcoal helps draw out impurities without leaving the skin overly dry and black sugar helps exfoliate away dull skin.


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It’s important that your skin is hydrated and protected from environmental pollutants. Philosophy’s Take a Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream is the KEY this dry season. For those who have combo skin like me, the gel-cream formula is a blessing—not too greasy and just enough to moisturize the skin. It definitely helps with making skin less sensitive and dull.

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Another AMAZING gel-like moisturizer is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. It's lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but still gives the skin the hydration it needs without being oily. It absorbs quickly, so it’s great if you’re always on the go or in a rush in the morning.


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Not many people know this but incorporating vitamin A, otherwise known as Retinol, into your skincare routine can make all the difference. It’s especially vital in preventing lines and wrinkles, and to be honest, it’s never too early to start using anti-aging products. I’d incorporate Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum every morning and night as it’s a nice addition to your skincare routine to add extra moisture and firmness.

Body Moisture

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Just like the skin on our face craves hydration and protection, so does the rest of our skin! Walking to class and being blasted by the cold wind and taking extremely hot showers can make our skin crack. If you have sensitive, flaky skin during this season, invest in First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration. This is the holy grail if you start to see your skin crack.

And remember to hydrate! We love drinking HOT beverages like coffee and hot chocolate when it’s cold outside, but we often forget about the one thing that hydrates our skin: water. As Ned Stark from Game of Thrones says, “winter is coming.” Brace your skin, collegiettes.

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