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Six Tips for Preparing to Meet Your Future Husband

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes secretly stress if you’ll ever get married. We stress not only about this, but settling down with someone that we truly have strong feelings for. We don’t want to settle. I have some awesome advice for you and finding your future husband. 

When it comes to the topic of getting married, we may think, “Oh well, he’ll just walk into my life someday.” However, if you don’t know what you’re specifically looking for, how will you know this is the man for you? Here are some tips for finding your dream husband: 

1. Write down traits and qualities you want him to have. Don’t settle! 

Writing down what you want in your husband is a huge step. You are finally putting down all of your thoughts and figuring out what you actually want and deserve. Try not to think physically; remember that looks don’t last forever. If muscles are a major quality for you, try writing “likes to work out.” This is showing that he cares about his health and will also have muscles (win-win!) Think about qualities that you really want your husband to have! Don’t think “I don’t know, maybe this is asking for too much.” You’re allowed to be picky; be a dreamer. 

2. Read over the list and imagine your dream man. 

Nothing wrong with day dreaming about your guy. That way you will be able to know for sure what you want.

3. Next to the qualities of your guy, check and see which ones you have.

Now, you may not like this part. It’s kind of a reality check to be quite honest. For example, if you put that you want your guy to go to church every Sunday and you don’t, don’t put a check next to it. This will show you the qualities that you should work on. If you want your husband to have it, why wouldn’t you have it? You need to have the same interests and qualities, or else how would you meet or what would you have to talk about? 

Remember to think about the actions that you’re making now – would you want your husband to be doing making them? You want your S.O. to be a reflection of your good qualities and positive actions, so make them all positive. This shows you that you need to complete yourself before you meet someone so special in your life. 

4. Think about how you can work on having those traits.

Whether it is to be more hard working or get good grades, work on those. You need to gain these traits that you want your future man to have. You will also have an incentive to better yourself and your husband will love that. Also, you will be more confident in who you are and know that you deserve someone amazing.

5. Write a letter to him.

You may think this is super cheesy, and in a way it is. However, if you write a letter to him it becomes more realistic and you will feel even more empowered to work on you. In this letter you can tell him how you can’t wait to meet him and how you’re working on yourself so you can be his perfect significant other. Tell him how much you will care about him. You can even have fun with it and tell him what you want to name your kids! Make this an exciting experience and dream. Maybe one day you will even share this letter with him.

6. Love yourself and be patient.

If you follow these steps and believe with your whole heart that your man is on his way, he will be. Trust in the process. 

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