Seven Cute Date Ideas for This November

There’s no denying it, college students are not the best at planning dates. If they even try to go on a date. If you’re tired of considering watching TV on the couch, random lunch outings and last-second invitations to parties as “dates”, I’m here to give you, my fellow Tallahassee residents, some more options.

Take a walk in the park

Despite what I previously believed Tallahassee to be (a crowded concrete jungle), drive just a little farther and there are so many great nature-filled options not too far away. For options that have dining or shopping included, check out Railroad Square Art Park or Cascades Park. For a more outdoorsy outing, there’s Maclay Gardens, Tom Brown Park and J.R. Alford Greenway. Even Tallahassee Nurseries is a super cute and wholesome place to walk around and snap some pictures with your boo.

Courtesy: Takahiro Sakamoto 

Go hammocking

Want to do something different but don’t want to wander too far? I get that. Grab your cozy two-person hammock, a blanket, a laptop and a Chinese takeout menu and head to either Landis or Mina Jo Powell Green. You just took Netflix and chill to a whole new level.

Courtesy: Claudio Hirschberger 

Take a trip to the Rez

I feel like the FSU Rez is one of the most underappreciated facilities associated with FSU but it shouldn’t be. Take your date there and be challenged by rope courses, take a two-person kayak around the lake (or take separate paddleboards and have a little race) or lounge in the sand together. It’s the perfect place to bond and it’s free for students!

Courtesy: Sam Headland 

Have a beach day

Not a lake person? That’s okay too, make a day trip and go to the beach! If you’re pinched for time, there’s a beach only an hour away from FSU in Alligator Point but if you have an open schedule, make the two-hour drive to Panama City Beach and sit on the white sand beaches, browse the shops, grab lunch at a beachfront restaurant, even go mini-golfing! I’ve been to PCB multiple times and have done all these things and I’m never disappointed.

Courtesy: Briana Tozour 

Take a hike

There are plenty of places to go on hikes or nature walks close to town but if you have the time, I recommend driving about two hours north of Tallahassee and visiting Providence Canyon State Park. With gorgeous trails through the canyons in the Georgia wilderness and endless photo ops, you’ll have the opportunity to make amazing memories. Plus, the weather in November is that perfect middle ground that’s perfect for a long hike!

Courtesy: J. Kelley 

Visit a Wildlife Conservation Center

I only recently heard about The Wildlife Conservation Center just 30 minutes from our campus but I recommend it to anyone who has the chance to go. You get to have an adventurous date and do a good deed at the same time. Take your date on a guided tour with animal interactions (such as this adorable lemur) and all the proceeds from ticket sales go to animal care!

Courtesy: Facebook (@The Wildlife Conservation Center)


Explore a historic downtown

If you want to get out of Tallahassee but aren’t keen on moderate exercise, historic downtown Thomasville is perfect for you. It’s less than two hours away and it’s the perfect day trip. Wander around antique shops, boutiques and cafes in the downtown area, visit historic homes from hundreds of years ago or visit their lovely rose garden. There’s so much to do and see, your date could never get bored. My boyfriend and I recently visited Thomasville for our two-year anniversary and it’s a great atmosphere whether it’s your third or thirtieth date.

Courtesy: Dana Sardina

I hope you get the chance to try out one or all of these fun and slightly atypical date ideas. Good luck out there!

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