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Senior Lessons Learned: Reach Up!

Reach Up!

This being my last semester here at FSU, I often find myself doting on each event that I may attend or undergo as my last one as a college student. Doing things like taking my last midterm, going to my last basketball game, going to my last Breakfast for a Buck where I’m in time for ice cream, all turn the things that I once exploited as a student into very sentimental moments in my mind. Now, if these minor events boggle my soul with warm fuzzy feelings, imagine with what excitement and sentiment I contemplated my final spring break!

As the big week came upon me, I wondered: what can I do to make this break absolutely perfect? How can I wreak the havoc to it’s highest altitudes on the earth for the last time as a college student? It was something that I felt I had to do; besides, how many times in real life will I be able to take a whole week off of work and be reckless? And as I thought and thought, it was the job part that loomed over my head as a humongous dark cloud over my head and the sound of the thunder for sure seemed to say JOB.

This dark cloud sent me straight home for my final spring break. I spent much of my time in my parent’s house interviewing myself on exactly how I was going to use this degree from FSU and turn into all the things that I’ve ever wanted to do. All of my answers sucked. That is until I prescribed myself the perfect cure; a visit with someone who has been here before!

While here at FSU, I had the pleasure of working with Shelah Rhoulac, an actress and model currently pursuing the big leagues. On top of making moves to a very prestigious university for grad school soon, she has filled up her resume with very juicy roles in play productions in community and earned the title of teacher of acting to kids. Over spring break, I got a chance to meet up with her and have lunch and gelato just like old times and over laughs and advice, she assured me that she not only felt this same feeling at her graduation, but continues to battle the same dark cloud. However, knowing all that she’s come to achieve after getting that diploma reminded me that there is something out there that will be mine; it is possible to exist past these final sentimental times into a real life.

What in the heck does this story mean, friends? Well, reach up. When you feel that you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re losing it, you’re scared and you’re clueless as to how to amend any of it, reach up to someone you think may have been there. Whether it’s an alum, a older friend, or an advisor, some one will be happy to talk to you about how to get out of that place you’re in. Most likely, they’ve been there, maybe even found a few shortcuts through it too. So, whatever you do, don’t stay down: reach up!

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