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The Secret Side of the Fine Arts Building

The fine arts building is one of the most beautiful architectural works we have on campus—yet most people only ever see one side. After strolling along Tennessee Street one afternoon, I realized that the building had something unique to offer from a range of different angles. Take a look at some snapshots of the building! What other hidden gems does Florida State have to offer?

Hollie Morey is a creative writing enthusiast, when she is not studying for her double major in communications and political science! In her free time, Hollie loves to curl up with a great novel or the latest edition of Glamour, as well as catch up on her favorite shows: Pretty Little Liars and Mad Men! Hollie has a particular interest in writing about fashion and local current events and can be found looking on Her Campus for great style tips or for ideas for things to do in Tallahassee!
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