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The Season of Giving: How You Can Give Back During the Holidays

With this whirlwind of a year coming to a close, the holiday season is finally here to bring a little bit of joy. While some of us can return home to enjoy the season and its fun, many have been struck especially hard from the effects of the pandemic. The holiday season can often be a difficult time for families and individuals, so it’s essential that we help where we can to encourage and uplift our communities. Whether you’re out-of-state or sticking around in Florida, these are just a few ways you can continue to support your neighbors. 

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1. Toys for Tots

Established in 1947 by the Marine Corps, Toys for Tots is an amazing charity that brings Christmas cheer and presents to children who would go without gifts under the tree. The charity has brought Christmas morning to over 265 million children to date and you can help that number grow. The website is super user-friendly and gives you plenty of options to donate. You can visit a local donation box (see the website to find your location) or you can simply donate virtually. This organization has made it super easy for users to give and more information can be found here!

2. Give Blood or Plasma

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to give back, consider donating blood or plasma at your local blood drive. Due to the pandemic, there is a dire need for blood donors and it's completely cost-free. Both the American Red Cross and OneBloodare looking for donors as we enter flu season along with the demand throughout the year. The process is simple and easy, with health care professionals walking you through the whole deal. It’s a safe and easy way to help hospitals as they become overwhelmed this season. Get to those donor stations, y’all!

3. Donate to Covid-19 Relief for Mixed-Status or Undocumented Families

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another but has especially impacted families of mixed-status or undocumented individuals, so WeCount! is an excellent way to lend a hand. Donations bring aid to South Florida immigrants receiving food, medical coverage and housing during this unprecedented time. This is an incredible organization in the Miami-Dade area that Florida folks can support locally!

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4. Support Writing Programs for Women and Gender Non-Conforming Youth

As a member of Her Campus, it is essential for young women and gender non-conforming individuals to have a place to express themselves through writing. Girls Write Now is an organization that gives a platform for young, underserved female and non-binary high school students to help them achieve their professional goals. Tutoring, workshops and networking is offered to these students and your donations go to these programs. Consider making a donation or even becoming a mentor for these young people!

5. Clean Out Your Closet and Donate To a Women’s Shelter

Two birds, one stone! You get to clean and dust out that closet while giving some great pieces to those who would love them. Closet cleaning seems like an annual routine, so this year donate those sweaters collecting dust (you know the ones) and bring them to your local women’s shelter. Gently-used bras are a super valuable donation item, so don’t forget to clean out those drawers as well. If not clothes, feminine hygiene products like tampons, pads, deodorant and dental products are also essential! Locate your nearest women’s shelter with this easy link.

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Isabella graduated in April 2021 from Florida State University, majoring in English (Editing, Writing, and Media). She is pursuing a career in digital advertising and public relations in the entertainment industry. When off duty, she can be found hanging with her two kitties, crafting her 1000th Spotify playlist, or sporting the town in search of the next great foodie spot. Check out her latest articles below!
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