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Saving Two Lives With Puppies

Have you been thinking about adopting a puppy? Good for you. It’s a great opportunity, but if you wait until the beginning of April you can adopt a puppy and save some lives. Cauzican Care Animal Rescue and Project Reaching All Wounded Warriors (RAWW) at FSU are co-hosting an event called PTSD and Puppies. The goal of the event is to connect veterans suffering from PTSD and puppies that are without homes. Everyday, 22 veterans commit suicide due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-related health issues and hundreds of puppies are euthanized across America. So with this event, two lives can be saved!

I was given the chance to talk to the Assistant Foster Coordinator of Cauzican Care Animal Rescue, Shawna Abbatielo. Shawna gave me some information about what Cauzican Care is all about. She states, “As a rescue, we pull dogs from the Wakulla County Animal Control shelter sometimes hours before they are euthanized. Additionally, we network every dog that comes into that shelter, regardless of whether we bring the pup into our foster program or not.”

Before this rescue was established, the Wakulla County Animal Control shelter had a euthanasia rate of “over 90%” and upon hearing that, Animal Control decided to start this organization. Cauzican Care networks the rescued animals and therefore the euthanasia rate has been lowered to 20-25%!

Event date TBA will take place at Madison Social. Everyone is welcome to attend and anyone is able to apply to adopt one of the puppies. There are going to be about 10 adoptable puppies at the event and the adoption fee is $150. All you have to do is fill out an application and get in contact with your landlord so the rescue can make sure it is acceptable for the dog to be living in your apartment! There is also a home visit to make sure that the puppies go to a safe and loving home.

If you do attend the event you’ll be learning about PTSD from the members of Project RAWW and how you can help veterans who are suffering from this disorder. Not to mention, you will be playing around with some cute puppies! If you want to bring your own dog to do a meet-and-greet with the puppies that’s okay too! It is such a great event combining the lives of veterans and puppies.

When I heard about this event I was thrilled! I’m a huge advocate for dog rescue. I have a rescue of my own and I love that dog. There are so many dogs that need good homes and the euthanization rate in America is unnecessarily high. According to Smithsonian.com, “New research finds that man’s best friend could be lifesavers for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” So once again this event can be beneficial to both puppies and veterans!

You can find the event page here!

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