Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles Announce Engagement

Last Christmas Eve, wedding bells accompanied sleigh bells as professional hockey player, Nic Kerdiles proposed to Chrisley Knows Best star, Savannah Chrisley. The reality TV icon announced the engagement via Instagram on Wednesday, April 3. 

"Well y'all...we did the dang thing!! Never in a million years did I think I would be this young and have found my forever person. You are the best decision I have ever made. You love me through all my flaws and imperfections. I'm so glad I didn’t settle for less because now I have everything I could want in a man and more. You know how to handle me. You know what I need when I feel like my world is crumbling. You know how to make me smile on good days and bad days. You always listen to what I need to say. You support my decisions. You motivate me in whatever I'm doing. You love me unconditionally but more importantly, you respect me,” Chrisley posted.

Courtesy: Instagram @Savannahchrisley


Despite the long distance, Kerdiles still requested permission from Chrisley’s dad for her hand in marriage before popping the question.

“He FaceTimed my dad. My dad said he was so nervous when he FaceTimed him, that he asked my dad for his hand in marriage, and my dad was like, ‘You may want to re-ask that question. Do you want my daughter’s hand in marriage or my hand in marriage?’ Nic hung up the phone and called back, and then asked him the right way. And it was just so funny,” Chrisley said. 

With the aid of their family and friends in making the moment special, Kerdiles got down on one knee at Chrisley’s home in Nashville. 

“My mom said she forgot something at the store. So, I got in the car and went to the store with her. When we came back and we walked in the door, no one was there. Our best friend’s kid, Dylan, goes, ‘Hey, I think they’re looking for you outside.’  I walk outside and it’s all lit up! And Nic’s family is standing on one side, my family and friends are standing on the other, and then I just start freaking out because I’m like, ‘This isn’t really about to happen,’” Chrisley said. 

Kerdiles presented Chrisley with a 5-carat ring from Nashville jeweler, Dror Flantzman. He had some help in choosing the perfect ring for his future fiancé. 

"My mom actually kind of picked out the ring. She went and sat down with a jeweler in Nashville and picked out the diamond and all of that. It’s kind of cool to know that she picked it out," Chrisley said about her mother, Faye.

The couple dated for a little over a year before their engagement, and they plan to take it slow in forming all the wedding plans.

"Just because you're engaged doesn't mean you have to get married tomorrow," she said. "So, we're kind of just taking our time. We know that we want to spend the rest of our life with each other," Chrisley stated.

Footage of the engagement, wedding planning and the ceremony will air on the upcoming episodes of Chrisley Knows Best.

Courtesy: People