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Safe in Sound Festival at TENN Nightclub

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Fresh from being blessed by the angel that is Chance the Rapper, the next day we were graced with the presence of Borgore. 

Courtesy: TENN Nightclub


This semester, Tallahassee has been receiving a lot of amazing artists of a wide range of genres. There has been something for just about everyone. This past Thursday in particular, The Strip held the Safe in Sound Festival that has been making its way across the country. While different stops include different acts, we were able to enjoy the crazy drops of Borgore, Snails, Laxx and Terravita. The electronic music scene in Tallahassee is slowly, but surely, finding a place for itself. Being someone who can listen to the likes of Chance the Rapper or Frank Ocean and then to listen to some of the grimiest music out there, I enjoy shows that allow you appreciate all music in different ways. One of the best parts about attending a show is hearing a drop and looking around to see everyone around you having the same reaction. It’s amazing to be able to lose yourself just by listening, dancing or even being mesmerized by the visuals. At the Safe in Sound Festival, there wasn’t a dull moment the entire time. 

When it comes to the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, some refuse take a liking to it because it’s one of those genres that takes a second to get used to and to understand. EDM has become a culture on its own and has become one of the most accepting of all people. After listening to Snails and Borgore in one night, my body was dead and I had no thoughts other than how can I relive that moment. No matter how sore you are the next day, you always look back and realize attending the show was worth it.  There’s nothing like hearing a drop so hard that you feel like your body is breaking and you want to throw up. The terminology used by many DJs and for EDM in general doesn’t always make sense until you listen to the music yourself. If you ever find yourself curious about the hoopla surrounding EDM, attend a show in Tallahassee at TENN Nightclub or even an EDM music festival like Ultra Music Festival in Miami or Sunset Music Festival in Tampa. I promise, once you experience the music and allow yourself to be free, you’ll seek that same feeling in everything else you do. 

I am currently a junior at Florida State University, studying Editing, Writing and Media. I have a passion for fashion and I love all things pop culture. After graduating I hope to pursue a career in journalism as for now I am simply trying to balance: school, work, having a social life and when I can sleep! I'm taking each day as it comes, and enjoying this journey that is life.
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