The Royal Family Fashion Rules, and Why They Exist In The First Place

As May 19 quickly approaches, the world seems to be captivated by the excitement of the impending royal wedding. Anticipation over the bride’s wedding gown is especially high, as Meghan Markle will be expected to follow in the iconic footsteps of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana with regard to her wardrobe choice. 

While it is currently unknown what the gown will look like, or even who the designer shall be, certain royal guidelines are expected to be upheld. In fact, the royal family has a multitude of regulations governing the clothing they wear at all times. 

Here are some of the most interesting royal family fashion rules and why they even exist in the first place.

1.  Clutch Handbags are Always Most Appropriate

Although the Queen is typically seen wearing shoulder bags, the same cannot be said for Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge often carries clutch bags to occupy her hands, as shaking hands is a royal faux pas. 

Additionally, Princess Diana was also known to use clutch bags to shield her cleavage when exiting vehicles. 

 Courtesy: Pinterest & Brit & Co

2.  Neutral Nails Only

Becoming a member of the royal family means sacrificing your beloved colorful nail polishes. 

Royal ladies only opt for neutral or clear nail varnish, with both the Queen and Duchesses’ favorite brand reportedly being Essie.   

Courtesy: Glamour 

3.  Traveling with Black is a Must

Packing light isn’t always an option for members of the royal family, as traveling with a spare black ensemble is mandatory. This rule exists in light of the rare event that an unexpected passing occurs while royals are away. 

Moreover, black is typically reserved exclusively for mourning. However, both Middleton and Markle have been witnessed daringly wearing black to an evening event. 

 Courtesy: Town & Country

4.  Skirt and Dress Hems Must be Specially Weighted 

Despite the weather forecast, royal women are expected to wear dresses or skirts on virtually every occasion. As seen in the image below, this can present a significant problem on, particularly windy days.  Luckily, the Queen and her styling team supposedly invented a simple hack for avoiding this fashion mishap; using weights. By having seamstresses sew small weights into their skirts and dress hems, the royal ladies are able to tactfully avoid scandalous wardrobe malfunctions.   

Courtesy: Style Bistro 

5.  Shorts are for Boys, Pants are for Men

Royal males are all but forgotten in the strict dress code guidelines regulating the family’s fashion choices. 

Standard royal protocol deems full-length pants to be a style worn by men, leaving boys the option of baring their legs in adorable shorts, as seen commonly on Prince George.  

 Courtesy: Town & Country

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