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Rob Suhr: Student To Self-Taught, Unique Artist

Robert Suhr is a Senior in the College of Business at Florida State University. Specifically, he is studying Professional Sales. About 18 months ago, while taking his business classes, he decided that he needed to cure his boredom and give his day a bit more substance. With that in mind, he began exploring his creative side and making unique pieces of art that showcase his individualism as a person. Each piece is remarkably individual and unrepeated as no one day offers the same energy as another.

Her Campus (HC): Do you have a favorite piece? What makes it your favorite?

Rob Suhr (RS): Space Jellies is definitely my number one! I had the most fun with it! I wanted to go with something “spacey” and I was aiming for planets exploding, but it turned into Jellyfish. It was a really cool process for myself and I really love space, so yeah that’s number one!

HC: What gives you inspiration when beginning a piece?

RS: Inspiration? I don’t know, I just go with what I’m feeling at that specific time. I could be doing a painting one minute and fifteen minutes later, I’m on another one cause more inspiration hit. One minute I could be feeling different shades of blue and the next minute, I’m wanting something totally different in terms of color.

HC: How do you seek out opportunities?

RS: Typically, most of my pieces are sold by word of mouth locally and I use my Instagram to market myself. I also go on student Facebook pages to reach out and market myself there.

HC: How far would you like to take your artwork? Is this a side hobby or do you see yourself making a living around it?

RS: I want to do art full time by the time I’m thirty, in a town in Europe. I like sales, but I’m hoping to use those skills and apply them to selling my artwork and growing as an artist!

HC: Lastly, describe your work in three words!

RS: Fluid, fresh and fun!

As shown, Rob’s work overall embodies the description of “fluid, fresh and fun” as it comes in any and all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, etc. He has even taken his work so far that his furniture, including his bedframe, was personally revamped by him to his liking.

Each piece of artwork created by him is crafted in a way that makes them incomparable to other’s work. He also often breaks barriers and steps out of his comfort zone in his own work to help to keep himself engaged on a deeper level!

If you would like to see more of Rob’s work, you can most conveniently find him on his Instagram account, @rojoartcos. He can do local projects as well as shipments!

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Junior at THE Florida State University!
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