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Retail Management Majors Take New York City

The FSU Retail Management major started their Spring Break early last week when a group of 15 students, accompanied by Professor Hopkins and Professor McLaughlin, took a four-day trip to New York City. In the city, the students got to meet with executives from Saks, Ross, Free People, Lippie Taylor and multiple other companies. The students also got a chance to be true New Yorkers as they trucked through the snow and ate $1 pizza for dinner. Look out New York City you’re about to gain some more FSU alumna!

Mia Lepp is currently beginning her third year at Florida State University as a double major in Marketing and Media Communication Studies. She is a writer and has a passion for traveling the world. When she's not writing about the latest going on at FSU she is a part time yogi, and trying to find inner peace at her favorite hot yoga class.
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